Astrid Madrid, the young Honduran who is preparing to win I have talent, a lot of talent in the US

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- An eloquent fifteen-year-old, friendly, with a lot of energy and passion for music, this is the santabarbarense Astrid Guadalupe Madrid Paz.

The young Honduran dreams of winning the reality show I have talent, a lot of talent which will premiere a new season this 2022 in Hollywood, United States.

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Madrid Paz -who describes herself as a positive, simple and empathetic person- is already counting down the hours to travel to the North American nation after being selected to audition on the famous television program.

Here the interview granted to EL HERALDO

Who is Astrid Madrid?

I am a young passionate about music. From an early age I have grown up listening to music and feeling that instinct that music generates in me.

The (Catholic) Church has always been around me. I have always sung in the church, but until a few years ago I have been perfecting this talent and I have been improving the quality of my voice.

Currently many doors have opened for me in this area, but the biggest one has been right now. I had the opportunity to record with a well-known Argentine, a song called Can’t help falling in love.

I am a student of academic excellence, currently in my last year of college. I am studying Bachelor of Science and Humanities.

Could it be said that you developed your talent thanks to your involvement in the church?

Yes, within the church first and then within family activities. I have grown up in a very welcoming family, united and that has always supported me in that.

At what age did you begin to identify yourself with music?

Since I was six years old, my mother says that I would download games on her piano phone and start playing, that’s how I would get my first songs as a child. The first presentation was given because my family nucleus already looked at my instinct for music and said: ‘sing at the meeting’. Well, I remember that I sang and since then it’s already a part of me, of my life, of my day to day.

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Did you learn to sing empirically?

It has been quite a process. I have brought love, passion and vocation since I was little. Over time you perfect the notes, the time and everything that a song requires. It’s not all about singing and having a good voice, but feeling it, being passionate and having good vocal techniques. That is something that I have been developing and learning as time has passed and I have had experiences.

Do you play any instrument?

I play various instruments. I am currently learning to play marimba (and) ukulele. I can play the piano and guitar very well.

How do you describe yourself beyond your talent for music?

Outside the musical field I describe myself as quite positive, someone who likes to push other people, be a role model for youth, a simple person. Passionate not only in music, but also in my studies because I am super dedicated to my homework, to school and to God.

How do you audition for Tengo Talento Mucho Talento?

Through my family. I have an aunt who always told me: ‘you are capable of doing it. He has a lot of talent. I know that God is going to open doors for you, but try it.’ At that point I didn’t feel like I was ready yet vocally or artistically to launch myself.

And well, recently I was looking for information about this program and I realized that new auditions were opening. The same day I saw that image, I say: ‘It’s my time. I am prepared and let what God wants be done’. That’s when I auditioned. The same day they answered my message and we agreed to schedule an audition by Zoom. I successfully passed that audition and that’s when they started contacting me about flying to Los Angeles.

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How long ago, exactly, did your audition take place?

About two weeks ago.

What was the theme you chose for your performance?

I sang a song called Beauty and the Beast. My voice is a lyrical voice and that song lent itself quite well to that type of record.

What were the audition requirements?

It was basically 15 minutes. It was with my parents by my side. The audition lasts even just a minute. They (then) interview you. They ask several questions: how did your talent start, how old were you when you started singing, if you played any kind of instrument, my favorite hobbies, etc.

How do you receive the news that you had been selected? Was it the same day or after the audition?

It was later. They themselves say, after finishing the audition, that they will contact you in case you have passed, between two to three weeks (later). In my case, two weeks after having done the last audition, they called me to tell me that I had qualified.

In fact, it was really weird for me because I was doing homework. It was a sudden call. At that moment I was moved, but at the same time I was in shock. I couldn’t understand my feelings. With the days I got more excited and since then I have started to rehearse and practice a lot to be able to pass the last casting.

What did they tell you at that time?

They said, ‘Astrid, is that you?’ I told them: ‘Yes!’ – ‘Is your mommy around?’ Well, it happened to my mom and they told her: ‘your daughter has been classified to enter I Have Talento Mucho Talento’. That’s where my life changed.

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When do you travel in Los Angeles?

I arrive in Hollywood on Sunday morning. Arriving there, a driver will be waiting for us outside the airport to a hotel that the same program gives to the participants. The next day I have to arrive at the facilities of Tengo Talento Mucho Talento, present myself to do the castings, some interviews that they do and recordings. After that, I guess on the show they’ll tell me if I passed or didn’t pass. They will publish it in days, I don’t think it will be immediate. My return to the country is this Wednesday.

Have you already chosen the theme with which you are going to present yourself?

Yes. I’m preparing with several but I haven’t finished the final song yet. I already have some suggestions more or less.

What is your gender?

I really am varied. I am passionate about all music, but I like the music of memory more. I am a fanatic of memory music. In this case, I still don’t know if I’ll go for current songs or memories. I go by those terms.

What are your expectations?

I am a super positive person. I’m getting ready to give a hundred, even if I can give more, I’m getting ready to give it, try to pass. I am aware that I have the capacity, that I can, and with God’s help nothing is impossible. My expectations are only positive. Wait for something good to happen and represent my country. Show that the five stars are well represented.

Are you nervous? anxious?

I think I have a little bit of anxiety because obviously there are emotions, mixed feelings, I’m going to meet new people, share with famous people who have had success and experience in this musical field… so, it’s something very big and new for me, at my age.

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Do you already have the specific day for your audition?

I do not know yet.

What can you say to your fellow Hondurans?

Support me and share. That they make known this positive news, which is not only promoting young people, but also older people who still have dreams, who need someone to encourage them, who feel that they are capable.

I am the clear example that when you dream and you fight to achieve that, things are achieved no matter how difficult they seem, no matter how far away, no matter how impossible… when you dream and strive for something, you achieve it.