Astro: what is the character of Gemini?

Like a mirror, Gemini can return two very distinct images. To successfully identify the natives of this sign, here are some ways to study closely.

Sincere but calculating… Wouldn’t Gemini be a bit ambiguous? In any case, impossible not to hum the chorus “We are twin sisters, born under the sign of Gemini…” Because yes, the natives of this sign are like the Demoiselles de Rochefort: seductive, artistic at heart and… sensitive. Yet Gemini (between May 21 and June 21) is one of the least popular signs of the zodiac. Rather inconstant and impertinent, Gemini is also very funny and curious. We help you understand it better and take stock of the zodiac.

Why doesn’t anyone like Gemini?

Sociable, at ease, smiling and seductive, at first sight Gemini attracts. When we see him so confident and funny, we rather want to be his friend. But behind his smile sometimes hides a real opportunism that can disappoint. Gemini means twin or double. This sign therefore demonstrates a real ambiguity that can go so far as to destabilize it itself. Indeed, his impertinence and his ardor sometimes push him to destroy on one side what he has built on the other. He can go so far as to get lost in his words and sow confusion around him. Faced with a Gemini, it’s simple, either we hang on to try to understand him or we flee. Gemini has a personality that can shock, but behind their casualness hides a sensitive person who secretly dreams of love and romance.

Which sign goes best with Gemini?

The Gemini woman may seem inconstant in love, but she is only waiting for one thing: to attach herself to the ideal man in perfect love compatibility. The Gemini man is also very seductive and seems elusive. In truth, he doesn’t plan to build a lasting relationship with someone he doesn’t fully trust. Ladies, to seduce him, you have to show honesty and sincerity and never, ever betray his trust. Gemini is perfectly compatible with a partner of the same sign. They will share the same humor and the mad desire to discover the world. Gemini is also compatible with the enchanting Libra and the very independent Aquarius. On the other hand, Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer are as compatible with Gemini as oil is with water! That is to say ! Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie or Marilyn Monroe, these famous Gemini show how charismatic this sign can be. So, will you fall into his nets?