Astrology: Here are the signs that are completely incompatible in a relationship!


Astrology is a theme that does not interest everyone, to say the least. However, whether we believe in it or not, sometimes in life, certain associations do not work. Precisely, the editorial staff of Objeko has decided to write an article on the subject. In love as in friendship, there are tandems that will never be able to live a beautiful romance. Here are which ones.

Astrology: Aries and Cancer or Aquarius-Taurus couples do not work


So you’re going to tell us, yes, but with us it works. So again, this article is not meant to tell you that you don’t have a chance. But that the associations between the signs that we are going to talk about are quite rare. So, what we can tell you is that the one thing Aquarians and Taurus have in common is that they are both stubborn. Indeed, if you did not know it, you will learn that Aquarius is one of the most eclectic signs of the Zodiac. The latter is prone to rebellion and unpredictability, while Taurus, stable and reliable, is much more traditionalist. As you therefore understand, the two are bound to get angry at each other.

It’s true, sometimes they say that opposites can attract. Unfortunately, it is quite rare to see an Aries and a Cancer get along wonderfully. Why ? Simply because Aries are fiery and competitive unlike Cancers. The latter are great sensitives of the Zodiac. Aries can’t stand the passive and dreamy side of Cancer and Cancer hates Aries’ lack of tact.

Astrology: Say no to a couple between Libra-Capricorn and Leo-Scorpio


These are two signs that do not place their priorities in the same place. One is a lover of love, who doesn’t dare to say no in order to be able to please others, while the other is rather self-centered. Earth signs like Capricorn like stability and tend to want things to stay the same. On the other hand, natives of the air element like Libra are always on the move in search of variety. Their understanding is therefore limited both on a personal level (love, friendship, family) and on a professional level. So be careful if you are in this situation.

Leo and Scorpio seem to have a lot in common. Yes, but the word seems is important in this sentence. Indeed, they are both strong characters. And who says strong character, says friction. In the couple, Leo will always want to dominate. If Scorpio does not accept this situation and rebels openly and head-on against authority, their life will be a battlefield, and the union will not resist it. You like each other, no doubt, but will you put up with each other? Everyone is proud, stubborn and aggressive. Who will eat the other?

A hard-to-find harmony between Gemini and Pisces as well as Virgo and Sagittarius


Astrology: Between Gemini, who is more cerebral and Pisces, who is more analytical, affective and intuitive, the current does not pass easily. Indeed, they will sometimes have the impression of not coming from the same planet. Gemini finds Pisces too fragile and dreamy and Pisces judges Gemini far too cold and pragmatic. In love, these two signs marked by youth and a certain immaturity will have difficulty raising the debate. It will take a really big effort to see a couple like that.

Virgo and Sagittarius come together in their conventional and traditionalist side. They both need security, comfort, fullness. However, they do not consider social life in the same way and Sagittarius can sometimes be a little distant. Careerist, competitor, Sagittarius has a busy social life and dreams only of escape, while Virgo is more down-to-earth, reasonable and reserved. The major problems of the couple, should be fidelity and jealousy.