At 14, Valentina Pinault poses for the first time with her mother Salma Hayek, on the cover of Vogue Mexico

Red carpet, volunteering and acting career: who is Valentina, the daughter of Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault? One thing is certain: the teenager already knows how to capture the lens of photographers.

Like mother, like daughter went the famous saying. And it applies today to Salma Hayek and her daughter Valentina, whom she had from her marriage to François-Henri Pinault. At 14, the teenager finds herself with her mother on the cover of the magazine vogue Mexico. The young girl, born on September 21, 2007, grew up in the spotlight, surrounded by her two parents, to whom she seems very close. Her mother often shares, on her Instagram account, moments of complicity with her, photos of her as a child, or even film preview evenings, hand in hand on the red carpet.

Of Mexican origin, the star of the film The Eternals does not hesitate to introduce her only child to the culture of the country in which she grew up. Valentina therefore quickly learned the Spanish that she uses to discuss with her mother in public when the two women wish to confide secrets. “I speak to him in Spanish if I don’t want the people around us to understand us”, explains Salma Hayek to vogue Mexico City. “Also, I think it reinforces the unity, the family bond, this bond that we have”.

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Fashion, red carpet and acting career

If there is one subject on which mother and daughter can agree, it is fashion. “Ever since she was little, she hasn’t let me choose her clothes,” Salma Hayek tells vogue Mexico. “She’s very good at makeup too and now she’s the one teaching me.” Valentina then confides that she likes to rummage through the closet of the actress, whom she seems to consider as her role model. “In general, I always wear what I like, I don’t necessarily pay attention to the brand,” says the young girl.

Choosing her clothes amuses her and she likes to vary her outfits according to sober or colorful colors, her mood of the day and what she wishes to express. “I change my style often because it really depends on who I want to be that day. There are days when I want to wear something totally black and other days when I can wear a lot of colors.

These outfits, she begins to show them off on the red carpets with her mother. During Paris Fashion Week last March, the teenager accompanied her parents to the Balenciaga fashion show. In October 2021, Valentina stood alongside Salma Hayek at the film’s premieres The Eternals in London and Los Angeles. The young girl seemed comfortable in this atmosphere and in front of the lenses of the photographers, so much so that she expressed the wish to become an actress, too. “I’ve seen what she can do, but in the end, when you play and you’re very young, you lose your anonymity,” Salma Hayek explains to vogue Mexico. “I think, generally speaking, the best thing to do is to have a life strategy that allows you to have an artistic side, a professional side and another as a woman.”

“I volunteer at a soup kitchen”

Having grown up surrounded by glitz and fame, Valentina still keeps her feet on the ground, especially when it comes to social media. Like many of her friends, she likes to follow influencers and stays on top of the latest trends. “I like to know what products they use and where they bought their stuff, it’s like looking for inspiration. But I especially like when they make it very personal,” Valentina explains to vogue Mexico. “I think my generation or my friends don’t really care how many likes what you have, what interests them is if you have something to say”.

Interested in the questions of the society in which she lives and grows up, she is already concerned with many subjects which bring the debate to the center of the discussions. “What we are talking about today are issues that everyone seeks to address in a different way: it could be environment, the importance of sexuality, race or beauty standards. “. At the age of 14, Valentina then finds causes that are close to her heart and that she wishes to defend.

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In addition to continuing her studies, she volunteers at a soup kitchen where she meets many people and hears their stories. “I learned that every homeless person has a different story. (…) Moreover, when you see someone sleeping in the street, you have the same reaction: you don’t want to approach them. I think it’s more important to approach them and listen to them than to ignore them and think it’s not your problem,” says Valentina. From a young age, the teenager already wants to be one of those people who change the world and for that, she can count on the support of her mother.