At 37, Sherlyn explained that she wants to have a baby through an IVF pregnancy | Famous

This journey of being a single mom is a joy for the actress, who is ready to venture out again to get pregnant, as she revealed in a recent meeting with the media in January 2023.

“I so enjoy making my son’s lunch, getting him ready for school, picking him up, taking him, picking him up. He makes me very very very happy. So, I am enjoying that stage, but I am ready to start the procedure”.

Sherlyn confirmed the sex of her second baby

In September 2022, in a talk with the media at the Mexico City airport, the ‘Class 406’ actress (which you can watch for free on ViX) said that she still did not know what fertilization process she was going to use to get pregnant with new.

“We are going to do I think insemination. Tomorrow I have a talk with Enrique, my doctor, to see if we do insemination or in vitro.”

While talking about this topic, she was asked if she now wanted to have a girl.

“I would like him to come healthy or healthy. I do not think so [voy a elegir el sexo del bebé]”, he replied.

Later she explained that only in the in vitro fertilization procedure can the sex of the baby be chosen and, at that time, she was more committed to artificial insemination.

“It has to be in vitro, so it’s a slightly more strenuous, more invasive process.”

However, months later, the 37-year-old actress not only revealed that the procedure she will carry out with her second pregnancy will be in vitro fertilization, but also warned that she will choose the sex of her baby.

“At the time the in vitro is done, you can choose the sex of the embryo that is implanted. I think we are going to choose the girl, ”she confirmed in a meeting with the media in January 2023.

This new statement about the sex of her baby is in addition to a wish she previously expressed about this second pregnancy.

“Yes, we are going to choose the sex of the baby. We are going to do an in vitro and we are going for a girl. To have a boy and a girl and that’s it. We closed the factory there.”

Sherlyn told how she is preparing for her second pregnancy

In her recent meeting with the media in January 2023, the ‘Chameleons’ actress (available for free on ViX) also warned what she is doing to make the IVF procedure go as smoothly as possible.

“A doctor is accompanying me in nutrition so that the quality of the ovules is optimal, so that when the day of the extraction comes, everything is perfect. For that, a period of three months is taken to have an anti-inflammatory diet”.

Sherlyn also said that once “the hustle and bustle of Mira Quién Baila is over” she will dedicate herself fully to this new process of being a mother.

A reporter asked her if she expected to get pregnant in the middle of 2023 and the actress said yes. However, she pointed out that she is going to start trying beforehand. “Let’s see when it hits [el embrión]”.

And you, what do you think of Sherlyn’s effort and desire to be a mother again?