At 48 years old and without makeup, Hilary Swank showed off her pregnancy in fun pajamas – Nueva Mujer

Hilary Swank enjoyed Christmas like never before with her belly and eager for the arrival of the 2023 to finally know the face of his long-awaited twins. and that the Oscar winner says goodbye to 2022 full of joy and has made it clear by posing next to his tree of Christmas.

to their 48 years, the desire to start a family with her husband philip schneider will be fulfilled soon. Hilary is experiencing one of the most beautiful and complex stages for a woman, although many have criticized her for waiting almost fifty to become a mother.

“It is something we were waiting for and I can now say that I am going to be a mother, but not of one, but of two! I feel blessed, I still can’t believe it, ”she explained during an interview on the American television show Good Morning America.

Hilary Swank posed without makeup to celebrate Christmas

If anything has characterized Hilary throughout her career, it is her simplicity and in the middle of her pregnancy she has clearly taken care of getting rid of beauty stereotypes and posing completely to the natural.

The famous passed the Christmas as a family and posed next to her tree in fun pajamas that completely marked her belly, which appears to be in her last months, and also with her face makeup free.

“We couldn’t wish for a more incredible miracle ✨ So grateful for these two gifts of a lifetime! 🎁🎁 Merry Christmas everyone!! Wishing them all the miracles in their own lives in whatever form they take, ”she wrote next to his postcard where she could be seen wearing his look with white, red stripes and green details.

Their fans praised his courage in betting on the late maternity and some followers also shared their experiences with her and felt identified.

“Seeing you gives me a lot of hope in my journey to become a mom at 40”, “I have miraculous twins 16 months … enjoy every moment”, “I had twins at 47 and the experience is lovely”, they commented.