At 5 years old, this piano prodigy becomes a phenomenon on the Web, Internet users are hallucinating

That’s the beauty of the internet. We can discover, through a video, the future talents of tomorrow. Alberto is already considered a legitimate successor to Mozart as his piano practice is impressive. The proof, a video where he shows all his talent has already been viewed more than six million times.

Piano: a hard worker or a natural genius?

We would be tempted to opt for the second option since the young Alberto is only five years old. Closing your eyes, you think you are listening to a master of the pianoa maestro like no other. But it is ultimately this kind of boy who surprises with his talent. At an age when boys think more about playing with their boyfriends, Alberto seems to be one with his instrument.

Still, the Italian boy has only been playing for a year and a half, Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera tell us. But since he discovered this passion for the instrument, he has been competing nationally and internationally. Il leaves only crumbs to the competitors and continues the first prizes. To realize his talent, you can discover the video below. You will be one of more than six million people dazzled by his extraordinary talent.

A unique talent

Today, the young man works with his piano three hours a day. His parents remember that when he was only three years old, “he already showed great ability to listen to his age“. We take them at their word. They quickly notice that their child is developing perfect pitch, a highly sought-after gift in the musical world. And for good reason, it allows a person to instinctively associate any sound with a note. Some personalities have this talent like the singer Charlie Puth, also very skilled with a piano.

My ear is quite developed after years but not at its level recognizes Simone, Alberto’s father. To show you how impressive the young boy is: he doesn’t need a sheet music to play. It recognizes all the sounds of a melody and can reproduce them.

Does Alberto consider a career in music?

We’re talking about a five-year-old boy here. He has time to change his mind about his professional future hundreds of times. But it is formal. When asked what he wants to do later like jobhe answers without hesitation. He later sees himself as a pianist. Or maybe a conductor.

An overflowing ambition that pleases his parents. But they are also worried. Indeed, if they are obviously dazzled by the talent of their son, they wonder if age is not a very important character to take into account. Is it Alberto who is impressive, or is it his young age that impresses?

Today, he stands out because he is small and they are not many like him. But in a few years, he will be far from the only one. There, the challenge will be much greater. Music can be a bit like sirens for Ulysses. She enchants and demands total dedication “, indicate his parents, realistic.

While waiting to find out if the young boy will one day register his name in the history of classical music, one can only revel in his prowess as soon as his fingers touch a piano. It also highlights some positive aspects of containment. If the majority agrees that these few weeks of confinement were not the best of their lives, others were able to focus on themselves, or overcome boredom with activities.

It was during confinement that the boy, then three years old, began to play the piano. It was thanks to confinement that he discovered this incredible talent. We would not be surprised to see him soon in the Italian version of France has an incredible talent. In the meantime, the video continues to go around the net, to the delight of his parents, happy to see the success their son is having.