At 50 years old, Adamari López sports a spectacular body

At 50 years old, Adamari López sports a spectacular body. The attitude of the Puerto Rican actress, Adamari López, has never ceased to amaze us. Not only has she overcome cancer, but in recent months, through her official Instagram account, she has shared her exercise routines with us so that, just like her, we can achieve a figure of ten.

This challenge was raised by the artist after receiving criticism for gaining a few extra pounds, after being a mother. But she leaves many of us speechless with the exhaustive routines that she performs daily at 50 years of age and with which she has managed to lose 15 kilos at the moment.

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Without a doubt, Adamari López is an example to follow. So it doesn’t hurt that we follow his advice and practice this series of exercises in our free time, which in addition to being rigorous require a great commitment and a disciplined eating plan.

If you want to join her challenge, just visit her Instagram account there you will find a series of videos where you can see how the presenter strengthens her arms, legs and her flat abdomen. Of course, at Soy Carmín we recommend you attend with a nutritionist and a trainer.

At 50 years old, Adamari López sports a spectacular body


The host of “Hoy Día” uses weights and an elastic band to tone her arms. Ella in her triceps routine places the weight overhead and slowly lifts it up for 15 reps. To tone her legs she pedaled for 20 minutes on a stationary bike, she then went up and down a bench.

Adamari López has involved us in her transformation process by sharing details about how she has evolved not only physically but mentally. Luis Fonsi’s ex also shares with us the series of sit-ups that she performs in one day to obtain a flat stomach.

One of Adamari’s secrets is to incorporate some form of cardio and exercises that tone various parts of the body. Without a doubt, the actress has not only gained popularity for achieving this challenge, but she is loved by the Mexican public as she is the protagonist in unforgettable soap operas.