At 77, Talina Fernández starts 2022 with a new boyfriend and tells how she met him

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Mexico City.- Talina Fernandez He decided to give himself a new chance at love. The Mexican television host shared during a section of the program the sun rises called ‘Trapitos al sol’ that began on 2022 with an illusion in the heart.

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It’s about gift Joseph, as he was named by some of his colleagues, including Charles Arenas Y Juan Jose Ulloa, who also celebrated that the actress of Televisa is living this new experience.

The meeting, as detailed, took place on the last day of last year and happened in a supermarket, but what stands out the most is that it is a fan of the 77-year-old announcer.

I was going on December 31 with my granddaughter Mary to buy the ingredients for dinner New Year and cart with cart a divine blonde, who now I know is called MonicaHe tells me: ‘I have an uncle who wants to be with you,’” Talina said.

Determined to give herself a chance, Fernández asked the young woman what her uncle’s name was, and invited them both to have coffee on the first Monday of the year; however, when the day came, the woman suffered a accident that almost limits the love story of the happy couple today.

“On Monday she (Mónica) speaks and tells me: ‘I can’t go, my hand broke, do you want us to postpone it?'” said the presenter, to which she replied: “what for? If we are already big, we can see each other alone. It didn’t stop our mouths”.

Days later, ‘La dama del bien dice’, as she is known, found herself enjoying some holidays with Jose Manuel, as is the name of his new love.

Now he is the don José with whom I saw a sunset in the Hotel Flamingos, from Acapulco“, she enthused.

He had previously expressed his desire to start over after he divorced the politician in 2015. Alexander Carrillo Castro, who was her third husband.

Source: El Universal