At 93 years old, Queta Lavat refuses to retire and adapts even to TikTok

The actress Queta Lavat continues to work on television; Now on the Today show.

Lady’s punctuality Queta Lavat should be considered an example for new generations of actors. A navy blue dress with bright appliqués was the look chosen by the artist to receive recognition from the Sebastián Foundation, in honor of her 80-year career.

Kind, very attentive, wearing gemstone rings on her hands and red lips, with her platinum hair perfectly combed, the first actress gave us a few minutes from her table to talk about what it means, at this point in her life, to be decorated for her work in the media, as well as for the projects that currently keep her busy on social networks, a platform on which she has also established herself as a true star.

Are you still excited about receiving awards? Sure! I continue to feel excited, happy and grateful for the distinctions that celebrate my career achievements. Also, when it comes to recognition in the cultural field, I gladly accept and receive it.

How many years of career does 2022 celebrate? There are already more than 80 dedicated to this beautiful job that has allowed me to wander through different facets, genres and formats. I have done cinema, theater, television… Everything I have wanted.

What balance do you make of these eight decades? A very positive one; I am delighted with life. Every day I like my work more, I do it with great enthusiasm, with great desire and passion.

Have you ever thought about taking a break or retiring? At my age I leave work very tired, but at the same time very happy; That same satisfaction is what lifts me up and gives me strength to continue. That retirement thing doesn’t go with me, I still have a lot of energy.

You are the sole survivor of the movie Two Kinds of Care…Indeed! Notice that I see her and I realize that everyone has already gone ahead of me, there is not a single one alive. But I have the memory of an unforgettable job; furthermore, a film classic that brought me a lot of personal and professional satisfaction. I was the happiest to have been part of that cast with so many stars from the golden age.

Currently, what project occupies it? Right now I’m on TikTok, where I share my cooking recipes, some knitting and whatever comes to mind. It is a new experience for me, but I enjoy it. Also, every 15 days I have a section in the Hoy program.

How has it been adapting to new technologies? It has been a process, little by little. I say that they are wonderful advances and we have no choice but to adapt and be grateful that they exist to make our lives easier.

Who helps her make the videos? I have many grandchildren who do. Then I pick him crooked, but the most important thing is that I entertain myself and have fun doing them.

What advice would you share with the new generation of artists who are starting out? That they study hard, that they be very disciplined with the directors, because now I see very undisciplined boys and I feel that they do not respect the directors. That is paramount, because they are the highest authority on a set. They must prepare to be more than handsome and pretty; there are many with good physique, but they do not have discipline.


More than 160 films are part of the Queta Lavat curriculum, reinforced with dubbing, soap operas and plays. He debuted in 1942, at the age of 13, with a small role in the film ¡ Así se Quiero en Jalisco!, starring Jorge Negrete and María Elena Marqués, under the direction of Fernando de Fuentes. Other successes followed, until reaching Two types of care (1952), a film that marked his career and in which he shared the scene with the idols Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante.