At EH we celebrate the vocation of being journalists

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.- Fluidity, change, flexibility and adaptation are aspects of liquid modernity in which journalism must immerse itself without being diluted.

In the midst of the information age -and misinformation-, being a journalist demands maintaining the principles of the past without failing in the demands of the present.

As the Polish writer and journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski said, what has changed in the 21st century in the exercise of this profession is “the sense of work”, governed by technical aspects that either strengthen or weaken it, and within all of this technology as the protagonist in a digital environment where immediacy is, on many occasions, the enemy of ethics.

The Polish sociologist and philosopher Zygmunt Bauman described current society within a concept tied by him and mentioned at the beginning: liquid modernity, where men and women develop with changing concepts, without fixed structures, without roots, without certainties, with the idea of ​​being citizens of the world… And in the face of this fluctuating universe, there must be a journalism with identity, in permanent tension with its past and present, and in deep awareness that there is a principle that must be unalterable no matter how long it takes. alive: ethics, a value that, above all, must be solid.

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Today, May 25, in the face of this panorama of challenges, we celebrate in Honduras the Journalist Dayone of the most humane professions, which, as Kapuscinski said, cannot be exercised in a good way by bad people.

And from this Newsroom, while letters flow from dozens of keyboards to inform reality from its various edges and actors, a commitment to readers prevails, in the opinion of each journalist, who make it possible for this profession to make sense.

Since November 26, 1979, when the first edition of this newspaper came out, THE HERALD has witnessed the evolution, struggle, victory, defeat, pain and joy of Honduras. He was born in the context of a military government (Policarpo Paz García), he lived through the transition to democracy, he has investigated and revealed the background of state and government actions that hinder our development as a nation, he has been the hand of solidarity with those most in need and He has committed himself to education, sports, culture and art.

In this newsroom each day begins with the commitment to report responsibly, to identify ourselves with readers based on their diverse interests and information needs.

We seek versatility, we treasure ethics, we embrace the avant-garde, we face modernity. Each section that makes up this informative space: Country, Metro, Vida, Deportes, El Heraldo Plus, the Investigation Unit and the team, is a living entity, fed by the ideas, concerns, annoyances and dreams of a valuable journalistic body. Colleagues, congratulations to all on your day!

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