Attacked by TikTok star in boxing match

Shock in Dortmund! On Saturday evening, March 26, Oliver Pocher, 44, was a guest at Felix Sturm’s boxing match, 43. But suddenly the comedian was attacked by a young man…

  • Oliver Pocher was attacked in front of the camera
  • The TikToker “Fat Comedy” uploaded the slap on the net
  • Pietro Lombardi and Amira Pocher were shocked

TikTok comedian attacks Oliver Pocher

The incident happened on Saturday evening during Felix Sturm’s boxing match in the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund dramatic scenes. Oliver Pocher was also present as a guest, as were numerous other celebrities. Suddenly a young man approached, swung and hit the 44-year-old violently in the faceso that he fell to the side and then fled from his seat in shock.

A short time later, the attack was uploaded to Instagram and TikTok. Behind it is him Internet star Omar aka “Fat Comedy”. He explained his slap in the face with the words:

Because you have such an ugly character, like to humiliate people, support people who claim to have been raped, although it is not true – I am very happy to accept the ad. Kind regards Omar.

Pietro Lombardi: “How can you support something like that?”

According to information from “Bild”, Omar is one Boyfriend of rapper Samra, 27, who was accused of rape last year. Oliver Pocher also addressed the allegations, which is why the attack apparently came about. Pietro already reacted to the video on Instagram:

Ridiculous to attack a family man from behind like that… It’s still a joke what you pulled. You want to get involved in social things, but then laugh about it publicly and upload something like that too. How can you support something like that?

Amira also spoke up angrily in her Instagram story: “Last night has such a unemployed hooligan wannabe rapper-comedian gave my husband a slap in the face, but a decent one. Filmed and uploaded, of course, sent to people, linked so that you can be seen. […] To fight something like that with violence and then to celebrate. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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