Audrey and Alexandra Lamy: why their parents sometimes confuse them

Guest of 50 minutes inside this Saturday March 19, Audrey Lamy told a funny anecdote. Amused to be confused with her sister Alexandra, the actress plays a funny trick on their parents.

Sisters, but not only. Very close since childhood, Alexandra and Audrey Lamy have followed the same trajectory. The two left Alès for Paris where they managed to live their dreams: to become famous actresses. “We always advised each other. (…) It was my big sister, it was she who made me want to do this job”, remembered the youngest, guest of 50 minutes inside this Saturday, March 19. Years after the start of her career, the young mother is still amazed by the freedom her parents left her. “They trusted us, she confided on TF1. When at 19 I said to my parents: ‘I’m going to go up to Paris’. (…) My sister was in full success of A guy and a girl. My parents were like, ‘Maybe it works for one but not for the other’.”

“It takes a lot of confidence”, added Audrey Lamy. Like her, Alexandra Lamy is also fusional with their parents. And the two sisters are not lacking in humor… especially with them! Because on the phone, they have trouble knowing if they are talking to one or the other, their voices and tones are so similar. “There are times when we call them together with my sister, we pass them and they don’t know who they are talking to”, she joked. In addition to being very close, Audrey and Alexandra Lamy advise each other. “My sister wears many hats with me, because she is 10 years older: she has always been my sister, my accomplice, my friend, my second mother”confided the youngest in the columns of Psychology magazine.

Audrey Lamy: “She showed me that this job was accessible to us”

“She showed me that this job was accessible to us (…) From the first theater lessons, I felt a relief to slip into the skin of others than me”, she continued, admiring her big sister. Audrey Lamy explained to Psychologies magazine that she had even lied for a long time about their family ties: “At the Conservatoire, I always denied who my sister was. I wanted to be appreciated for my playing, not to be compared, not to be suspected of being a piston”. And she was right! Because after her sister, M6 viewers discovered her in Scenes of households for years before she flew to the cinema. And the two sisters dream today of playing together. A dream that could well come true.


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