Audrey Boibessot violently criticized, she reframes internet users

Audrey Boibessot is a candidate for Large families: life in XXL. And like all her courageous mothers, her children represent her greatest happiness and her greatest success. So we don’t touch a single hair of his offspring. Indeed, the head of the tribe has just uttered a rant on her account instagram to silence haters who criticize the first name of his children…

Large families : the mother is fed up with being judged on the names of her offspring

The Boibessot clan of Large families: life in XXL consists of six children. They all have first names that are out of the ordinary. What could be more normal for a family that is already out of the ordinary? We can therefore cite the eldest Mayeul who is 8 years old, then Camille who is 6 years old, Ebbane who is 5, Pia 3 and a half years old, Foucauld, 2 and a half years old and the youngest who is named Hildegarde who is 1 year old. The happy parents, Audrey and Hervé, wanted to try the adventure Flarge families: life in XXL to share their extraordinary daily life on the channel TF1.

One thing is certain, the couple is very motivated and has a lot of projects in mind. Indeed, in addition to taking care of her children, Audrey does not want to put her career aside. So, she will soon open her first business which she will manage in collaboration with her husband. But that’s not all… She is pregnant with her seventh child, who should show up in June 2022. So, as the six children have atypical first names, Internet users are wondering what will be next! Comments fuse on the Web!

Original names in Large families

Audrey Boibessot from Large families: life in XXL took advantage of an Instagram story to reveal the meaning of some of the names of his toddlers. Indeed, they are certainly original, but they are above all symbolic for the parents. ” I fully understand that the first names we have chosen for our children do not please you for many reasons… we have taken names of Saints who inspire us and help us in our lives to guide them in theirs…“, explains the courageous mother of the show before continuing: “ But no, we didn’t invent them (and even so), but no, you don’t have to tell us how much you don’t like them, but no, we’re not going to change them.“, she said to respond to criticism on the subject.

Children’s names have symbolic meaning

During an interview with journalists from TV 2 Weeksthe mother of Large families: life in XXL had already explained the symbolism and the importance of the first names of his great tribe. Indeed, religion is essential in their lives: We chose the names of Saints who inspired us, for whom we pray, who helped us in our conversion and our Christian life.explained the mother of the family.

She also shared some explanations: Mayeul is someone who has done a lot, a Saint who touches us a lot. (…) Ebbane is an English Saint, Camille is a very present Saint in Toulouse and Pia is for piety, it is a first name that was very common in Latin countries, very well known in the christian environment“, ends up concluding Audrey Boibessot. Indeed, behind a first name, it is not only the aesthetic aspect that counts, but the value of what it represents. One thing is certain, there is something for everyone! No offense to the detractors of social networks.