Audrey Lamy: her rare and sweet secrets about her two children

In an interview with Télé Star this Monday, March 21, Audrey Lamy returned to the trying filming of her latest film, The Brigade. The actress also took the opportunity to deliver some secrets about her two children, the last of whom was born a few months after the end of filming.

A protective mother. On March 23, the film will be released in theaters Squad, directed by Louis-Julien Petit. In this feature film, we will find Audrey Lamy in the role of a starred chef who becomes a canteen in a home for young migrant minors. A moving role for the actress, who nevertheless keeps a contrasting memory of the shooting, which was particularly difficult at times. The teams indeed had to face dantesque climatic conditions and Audrey Lamy was victim of a very rare phlebitis, called Mondor.

Phlebitis that appeared after a fall but was not caused by it. Indeed, it is the unexpected pregnancy by Audrey Lamy who is behind it. “I didn’t know it at the time”, said the actress in an interview with Télé-Star this Monday, March 21. She finally gave birth to her second child, a baby girla few months after the shooting of Squad.

Audrey Lamy, a “wolf mother”

For more than two months, Audrey Lamy found herself separated from her eldest son, Léo, for the purposes of the film. This distance, however, allowed her to forge links with her playing partners and the young migrants who upset her. The actress admitted to having become “more sensitive to certain subjects like the situation of those children who have experienced things of absolute tragedy and who have crossed lands and seas to be safe”. “Their fate turned my mother’s heart upside down”, she said, still in Télé-Star, before adding : “I have a 5-year-old son and on set, I was going through a hormonal upheaval due to pregnancy. So as a mother wolf, I wanted to protect them”.


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