Audrey Lamy mocked by her comrades: she commits a funny blunder in A golden family

A few days before the theatrical releaseAsterix and Obelix: The Middle KingdomCamille Combal received part of the team of Guillaume Canet’s feature film in A gold family this Friday, January 20. Audrey Lamy distinguished herself there by being guilty of a hilarious blunder.

How could it be otherwise with such an audience of troublemakers? This Friday, January 20, the set ofA gold family took on the appearance of a merry brothel with the arrival of part of the five-star cast ofAsterix and Obelix: The Middle Kingdom. By tackling these two sacred comic book monsters, Guillaume Canet released its most beautiful cards by recruiting the fine flower of French cinema, including the mother of his children, Marion Cotillard, Gilles Lellouche, Vincent Cassel, Jose Garcia and renowned guests. A family adventure film eagerly awaited by the public, and which several privileged people were able to see in preview at the Grand Rex.

The others were able to have a taste of the atmosphere that reigned on the set thanks to the entertainment of TF1, where several members were invited. Camille Combal has thus experienced all the trouble in the world to enforce order and get the rules into the fertile brains of the actors.

A flip-flop for nothing

Audrey Lamy, who plays Bonemine in the comedy, was not the last in terms of bad faith. But Alexandra’s sis especially distinguished herself during a test by committing a dumpling which made the whole set hilarious. Very happy to have given a good answer, she turned around to get to the last position in line…forgetting that she was the last survivor of her team. “Bah, there’s no one”, she exclaimed, noticing her blunder before turning around and coming back to her place. On social networks, it would have taken a lot of magic potion for Internet users to make them forget this sequence. “Audrey turning around while solo”, noted one of them, others highlighting the natural humor of the bubbly actress. Another irreducible who wanted to resist the rules of the invader.