Aurélie Pons and Kendji Girac: A unique couple that is already seductive!

Following this publication, Aurélie Pons received many enthusiastic comments. “So excited, plus with my favorite singer. Two2 very great artists together it will be superb and awesome“, “Great with the Kendji”, “Can’t wait to discover you in this new project!!!!!“, “With the beautiful Kendji too classy!!!“, can we read in particular. There is no doubt that viewers will be there next September!

Champion tells the story of Zack, a carpenter who loves boxing. Yet this young man hides a heavy secret. He suffers from illiteracy. In fact, very early on, his parents took him out of school so that he could learn the woodworking profession as it should. If Kendji Girac, father of a little girl named Alba, is committed to this project and to shoot for the first time, it is not for nothing. This story echoes his personal life. “I went to school, I was even a good student but with the trips, I never stayed 10 months in the year at schoolhe confided recently to the Parisian. When I was younger, I could read of course, but not fast enough to follow the lyrics on the teleprompters to the beat of the music when I was singing on TV shows. It was quite embarrassing for me.“Kendji has been done filming Champion for a few days and it was with emotion that he announced it on Instagram.”End clap! 22 days of filming in the shoes of ZACK! I would have so many things to say, to tell but the most important thing is to thank the whole team who trusted me with whom I enjoyed myself during 1 unforgettable month in MARSEILLE“, he wrote on March 2.