Aurora Ramazzotti: Alcohol confession on TV

Aurora Ramazzotti on her alcohol past, her relationship with her ex-stepfather and her parents’ love comeback.

“I had an alcohol level that would have killed a grown man,” confessed Aurora Ramazzotti (25) now on Italian TV, in the show “Belve”. The daughter of TV favorite Michelle Hunziker (45) and Italian cuddly singer Eros Ramazzotti (56) was apparently not averse to alcohol as a teenager – until the day she was hospitalized with severe alcohol poisoning at the age of 17. “I have to say that I was very bad and they took me away in an ambulance” , says Aurora Ramazzotti, “Since I was still a minor, they drove me to the children’s hospital.”

Aurora Ramazzotti: Alcohol confession on TV

Aurora Ramazotti in the Italian show Belve.

Almost died from alcohol poisoning

The 25-year-old will probably never forget what the doctor in charge said: “The next day, the doctor told me that I had an alcohol level that would probably have killed a grown man. He said to me, ‘I don’t know if you’ve had a miracle or you just have an iron liver’.”

Such is her relationship with Tomaso

The 25-year-old also commented on the separation of Mama Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi (38). “A breakup is always like a grief that you have to deal with. It’s difficult because you feel like you’ve failed. But it’s also a new beginning,” Aurora said positively. “I don’t feel like our relationship is in jeopardy. He’s my sisters’ father, I’ve always loved him so I’m sure it will work out.” There is no tension between the two, Aurora said.

Relationship comeback of their parents?

Aurora rules out a love comeback for her parents, Michelle and Eros. “I hope they don’t get back together,” explains the influencer. Eros and Michelle split in 2002 when Aurora was a child. “I don’t even remember mom and dad as a couple,” the celebrity daughter said.