Aurora Ramazzotti: Her parents’ love comeback? “Hope with all my heart that doesn’t happen!”

Aurora Ramazzotti (25) spoke yesterday in a conversation with “Belve”, an Italian interview program moderated by Francesca Fagnani (43), about her parents Michelle Hunziker (44) and singer Eros Ramazzotti (58).

Michelle and Eros Ramazzotti recently shared a kiss on Michelle Hunziker’s Canale 5 one-woman show. A caress with consequences, because then her husband Tomaso Trussardi (38) followed on Instagram. And all of Italy was hoping for a love comeback.

What a rare sight! In the video above you can see Michelle Hunziker’s recent shot with ex-husband Eros Ramazzotti and daughter Aurora.

Aurora Ramazzotti: ‘Can’t even remember they were together’

Aurora was there live, sitting in the front row when the kiss fell. Francesca Fagnani wanted to know from the 25-year-old what effect her parents’ kiss had on her.

“I never cheered, I don’t even remember them being together. I think they’re wonderful, but knowing them they’re completely incompatible and would exhaust each other. So I hope with all my heart that it will.” didn’t happen,” said Aurora Ramazzotti.