Aurore Maman (Pékin Express): she reveals the tender symbolism behind her baby’s first name

On December 25 in the evening Aurore and Jonathan, revealed in Beijing Express, welcomed their little boy. The latter arrived after 8 years and 9 months of waiting. On Instagram, the young mother revealed the secret of her pretty, well-thought-out first name.

He was born the divine child. And he did it right by landing in the life of his parents on December 25! Aurore and Jonathan, the emblematic couple of lovers in season 14 of Beijing Express, were of those who met serious fertility problems. During their adventure, they had delivered themselves sensitive, on this lack. Full of optimism, the Lensois were convinced that they would manage to enlarge their family. After a PMA which had taken a lot of their strength, the lovers had finally received the news they had been waiting for for 8 long years. In June, between two bales of straw and under a bright blue sky, Aurore and Jonathan, upset had revealed to be expecting their first child.

A lot of Celine Dion and a few large dumplings later Aurore gave birth to her son, before a Jonathan dazzled and transfigured by fatherhood. After a week of silence on the networks, the young parents presented to their subscribers their little marvel: Achille, Désiré, Gabriel, 3 kilos and bananas of pure happiness.

“Achilles imposed himself on us”

“These 8 years of waiting for you were terribly long, but they undeniably blew up the happiness of our meeting. All these years we saved every day, a little love to offer you a torrent of it the day the angels place you in our arms (…) we welcome you to this world where many hearts are already ready to love you…“, wrote the parents filled in the caption of their tender announcement.

This January 3, Aurore tired but radiant answered many questions from internet users about her delivery. She is also returned to the choice of the first name Achille, obvious for the couple. “Achille imposed himself on us. In 8 years of PMA we have a lot of time to think about first names, for the girls we had a short list it was Jeanne or Léonieand for the boys I liked a lot Achilles, Gaspard or Elliott…” and to continue: “Achille is a hero like his father, with a heel, his sensitivity like his mother, so we found it original and quite representative” . But Aurore reveals that Achille is also a nod to adventure Beijing Express. A wink perhaps spotted by fans of the show: “It was the first name Jonathan had to remember while bungee jumping in the Corinth Canal (in Greece, editor’s note) “The circle is complete!