Austin Winsberg, director of Acapulco, values ​​giving voice to the stories of Latinos – El Sol de México

After working with Eugenio Derbez, Austin Winsberg’s vision as a director and producer changed completely.

Inspired by the Mexican’s way of conducting himself, the American managed to identify some aspects that, he says, he will begin to apply in his next productions, due to the success that is generated after its implementation.

“What I like most about Eugenio is the inclusion with which he manages each of his projects, he adapts the authentic voices, that is, the actors we choose have to be according to what we want to represent, if it is a Mexican character, Cast a Mexican, if he is from Colombia, Spain or somewhere else. It is also necessary to represent each of the possible Latino stories on the screen. I think there are so many interesting stories to tell, the important thing is that need for inclusion and authenticity at all levels,” said the filmmaker in an interview.

Another of the qualities that stands out from the comedian, who became popular through shows like The P. Luche Family or skits on Xh derbezIt is his human quality, as well as the respect he has for each of the people who make up the different crews.

“Eugenio is amazing and it’s so easy to work with him, he really is so smart and elevates everything he does, he’s kind to everyone, watching him interact with the team and people even when you recognize him on the street, he’s so warm to everyone and I think that that heart that is reflected in his person, you also see on the screen. I think it’s absolutely true to who he is as a human being,” he said.

They both work on acapulcoa series that just premiered its second season and that continues with the story of Maximo Gallardo (Derbez), a twenty-something who will have to face reality and deal with the friction he has with his boss Mr. Pablo (Damián Alcázar), after realizing that working in the most popular tourist center in Acapulco is not the best thing that has happened to him in his life.

“The general theme of this new installment is to dream big, to think about who we want to be, how we want to develop in this world and how we can dream beyond the obstacles,” he said.

The project is available through Apple TV+.

On the other hand, one of Winsberg’s most successful products is Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlistwhich was recently canceled by NBC, news that did not leave fans happy.

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“Unfortunately it’s not up to me right now (to pick up the project and develop it on another platform); The show is so near and dear to my heart and I loved that the show was a deeply personal musical, comedy and drama, that it was all based on my family.

“This show is kind and I think everyone can relate to wanting a better life for themselves or their families, plus it’s colourful, funny and has a lot of heart. Many of the themes and ideas that are addressed are universal and make people feel good and I think that in a time where there is so much conflict and drama in the world like today, this show serves as a healing tool.” counted.