Autobiography: More inconsistencies surfaced in Prince Harry’s book

Since the publication of his autobiography “Spare” (German: “Reserve”) at the beginning of January, Prince Harry’s book has caused a stir. On the one hand because he is against his own family – especially Prince William – and on the other hand because he may not have been very precise with the truth in a few passages.

Inconsistencies accumulate

For example, he writes that he was in Eton and it must have been just before Easter when his great-grandmother, Queen Mum, died. But photos should now prove that Harry is said to have been skiing with his father Charles and his brother William in Klosters (Switzerland), as the Daily Mail reports.

Now Harry’s former trainer speaks up in the Mirror and says the performances in “Spare” were “dramatized for effect”. In his book, Harry describes what he calls a “suicide training flight” and claims that ex-Sergeant Major Michael Booley suddenly caused the plane to sag without discussing it beforehand. “This is the next level in your training,” his instructor reportedly said after the machine was under control again. “I’m amazed, even shocked,” Booley says of the passage in the book, insisting that every detail of training flights be discussed beforehand. He goes on to say that he never told Harry Lt. Wales would have called, as the book says. “He was an officer, I called him Sir. I think everything is dramatized. That’s the result of ghost writing.”

Another inconsistency in the biography occurs at the scene of a gift from Diana. Allegedly, Harry got an Xbox from his mother in 1997. The problem: The Xbox has only been on the market since 2001. Harry’s ghostwriter JR Moehringer already answered the XBox passage on January 11 with a suitable quote from the book: