Axelle Laffont: why did she fall out for years with her father Patrice?

Axelle Laffont may be well in her skin, the actress and uninhibited Miss weather Canal + has long resented her father, Patrice Laffont. The latter makes his mea culpa in the podcast “Parents first” of Télé-Loisirs.

It’s time for introspection Patrice Laffont. The famous French animator of the 80s and 90s made the heyday of the hexagonal PAF at the reins of entertainment for France 2 such as Pyramide, Numbers and Letters, Intervilles or Fort Boyard. An emblematic career on French television which does not prevent him from having some regrets. Indeed, renowned for his character, Patrice Laffont notably had some disputes, in particular with his children. The former presenter opened up in the podcast parents first of Télé-Loisirs, in which he discussed his parenthood.

To his children, Patrice Laffont sends a peaceful message: “I would like them to keep the image of a gentleman who did no harm to anyone and especially not to them. I apologize to them if I haven’t been as present and caring a father as I could have been”. An honorable setback that he then clarifies when speaking of Axelle, his daughter. The hilarious Miss meteo from Canal+ would have been at odds with her father, who explains: “Axelle resented me for several things. We tried to defuse all the things she might have against me […] At first, she did not want to pursue an artistic career. There were some difficult times because she has a character that is sometimes a bit whole, that she thinks, rightly or wrongly, that she is right more often than she is wrong […] So our relationship was a bit strained.“.

Patrice Laffont: what Axelle “took badly”

The press got wind of some indiscretions concerning these discords between the father and the daughter Laffont, in particular the estrangement occasioned by the launch of Patrice Laffont’s one-man show in 2011. Entitled “I hate young people“, the host’s show marked his first steps on stage, to the chagrin of his daughter Axelle. The latter, trying to break into comedy for years, would have seen with a dim view the arrival of her father in the middle, overtaken by its label of “daughter of”. On this subject, Patrice Laffont had expressed himself retrospectively in Ici Paris in 2015, trying to identify the problem: “She wanted so much to get rid of the label ‘la fille de Laffont’ that she took it badly that I walked on her toes“Today, the situation seems to have improved. As the presenter assures us in the Télé-Loisirs podcast, “[…] I became old, I may have improved in a way… And now it’s going really well.“.


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