Aya Nakamura: Her first stair climb is causing a lot of talk on the web!

As you know, all the celebrities are currently in Cannes. Indeed, for 2 years, the Cannes Film Festival had not taken place because of the health situation. But this year, the Croisette has its magnificent red carpet back for the 75th edition of the Festival! Moreover, a guest made a lot of talk about him! Indeed, the famous actor Tom Cruise was present this year, for the climb of the steps! Indeed, the beautiful brown came to present his brand new film, the sequel to Top Gun! We could see it on the images published on the net, the fans were very happy to see the American star! Moreover, since his divorce with Nicole Kidman, this is the first time that Tom Cruise has returned to Cannes! For the first time, the famous singer Aya Nakamura was also present on the red carpet! Indeed, the pretty brunette climbed the steps accompanied by her companion Vladimir Boudnikoff!

Aya Nakamura: The spectators are spellbound!

Remember, singer aya Nakamura made a name for himself with his title Behavior. But it was her single Djadja that propelled the pretty brunette to stardom. Indeed, Aya Nakamura is a singer listened to all over the world! This weekend, Aya Nakamura proved to us once again that she has become a real icon in a short time! Indeed, for her first appearance at the Cannes Film Festival, the articles only talk about her!

Aya Nakamura’s Instagram

Aya Nakamura made a surprise appearance for the screening of the film Armageddon Time! The pretty brunette was accompanied by her darling for the occasion. As shown in the photos above, Aya wore a gorgeous black bodycon dress, with a sublime bare back. Her dress is signed by the Balenciaga brand! And you, what do you think of the look of the young mother?

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/253796-aya-nakamura-premiere-montee-marches-beaucoup-parler-toile