Aya Nakamura, in court: a twist at the start of the hearing

By Laura D’Angelo

– Published on 25 Nov 2022 at 07:30

This Thursday, November 24, 2022, Aya Nakamura and her former companion were expected for their trial. But now a twist has simply postponed the trial.

The facts date back to August 2022. On the night of August 6 to 7, the police intervened twice at the home of Vladimir Boudnikoff, the singer’s companion Aya Nakamura. The producer is then arrested, and facts of domestic violence are denounced by the artist, heard later. A source familiar with the matter then explained: There weren’t really any hits“, she says, referring to ” scratches “from the two former lovebirds and” the fact that he held her down“. Freed from their hearing, the producer and the singer had been summoned to court. Following this affair, Vladimir Boudnikoff reacted: We messed up that night“.

Aya Nakamura absent from her own trial

Thereby, the two artists were expected this Thursday, November 24, 2022 before the Bobigny court to be tried there for acts of reciprocal domestic violence. But now a twist has taken place. In effect, the hearing was adjourned to January 26, 2022 before the 12th correctional chamber reveals theAFP. And for good reason, Aya Nakamura did not go to court.We will ask for dismissal“, launched Cerasela Vlad, Vladimir Boudnikoff’s lawyer, before the start of the hearing. On the side of the defense of the absent singer, his two lawyers have indeed confirmed the postponement. An absence that does not pass at Vladimir Boudnikoff, who most certainly wanted to end this affair. But it will take another two months for this beautiful little world to go before a judge.

When the affair breaks out, it’s a thunderclap in the lives of the two former lovers. Vladimir Boudnikoff then gave their news: “the woman I love and I are doing very well. Really nothing serious, nothing. We did some stupid things that night and that’s life too. I didn’t rob anyone… With no firearm, no powder or bullet… I am not El Chapo. Just a smoker, the evening at home before Netflix… So everything is fine. May the French media stay in their place and respect our privacy and that of our family.”

Aya Nakamura reacted, thanking her fans for their support

However, according to the revelations of Parisianthe police, who had searched the couple’s home, would have found in their home, a dummy weapon, a rifle, 14,000 euros and three feet of cannabis. As for the young woman, her first words are directed to her fans: “ Thank you to people who message me but I’m doing great. I have no days from ITT etc. ! Nothing serious apart from the GAV which is a special experience. But hey, in real life, we looked, we found, and life goes on.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/291818-aya-nakamura-devant-la-justice-coup-de-theatre-au-debut-de-laudience