Aya Nakamura “placed in a home”: her secrets about her difficult childhood

For M, the magazine of the World, Aya Nakamura confided in her difficult adolescence. The 27-year-old singer has revealed she was taken away from her parents.

Do we still have to present Aya Nakamura? The 27-year-old artist filled three Bercys in minutes, leaving fans who couldn’t get a seat cry on social media. Her many admirers even encouraged her to propose a concert date at the Stade de Francebut very bad for her. If Aya has conquered the world of music and made people dance to her hits, Djadja and girlfriends, his hits actually hide a personal story that is not always easy.

Aya, who has the honors of M, the magazine of the world this week, returned to personal life and in particular her pregnancy that she hid from her record company. The mother ofAisha, 7 years oldborn of a previous relationship andAva, 6 months oldborn of his relationship with the producer Vladimir Budnikoff, has indeed chosen, very young, to become a mother. A few weeks ago, it was her relationship with the producer – from whom she is now separated – that made the headlines. BFM-TV revealed that the young woman and the producer were going to be tried for “violence by spouse with ITT (total incapacity for work) of less than eight days”. The trial should be held in three days, on January 26. Life has not always been easy for the young Franco-Malian.

A difficult adolescence

The young interpreter of pookie also indulged in the columns of M, the magazine of the world on his difficult adolescence at the heart of “the city of 3000″, in Aulnay-Sous-Bois. She confides in it in particular that she “was taken away from her parents to be placed in a foster home“. The relationship with his father was then very complicated, “outfit” she adds. And his fame wouldn’t have helped matters. He wouldn’t have “never listened to his musicwould henceforth live far from France, and would only take “very rarely” of his news. “I always said that I sang what I lived”, she added immediately. Aya Nakamura, however, did not wish to speak further on this subject which she judges “too personal.” She gets her messages across in song, and that’s not bad.

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/aya-nakamura-placee-en-foyer-ses-confidences-sur-son-enfance-difficile-747951