Ayem Nour confides in his weight gain

In order to promote her book Simplement Kéto, the one who would be cold with Magali Berdah gave an interview to the magazine Ici Paris. In this book published by Thierry Souccar editions, Ayem Nour returns in particular to this painful period following her pregnancy. After the birth of her son, Ayvin, the fruit of her union with Vincent Miclet, she has indeed posted about thirty pounds more on the scale. Badly in his skin, the gaze of others and the violent grossophobic attacks only made the situation worse. Faced with this wave of criticism about her physique after returning from maternity leave, she had considered surgery.

Ayem Nour managed to lose 25 kilos

Following his first appearance on the set of the Mag of NRJ12, the beautiful 32-year-old brunette has faced a lot of criticism. Thus, the former candidate of Secret Story had followed several diets, but in vain. Indeed, she always regained the pounds she had lost. Suddenly, her relatives had advised her to have liposuction, but again, she had encountered an obstacle. “I had reached such a weight load that (…) Even plastic surgeons refused to operate on me, because my overweight was too important”, she confides.

At this stage, some would have given up, but this is not the case with Ayem Nour. In full confinement, she had tried the Keto diet. This method consists of reducing your consumption of carbohydrates and proteins and increasing the proportion of energy that comes from fat. In this way, she shed 25 kilos in one year and her weight stabilized. Proud of this feat, she certainly gained confidence.

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