Ayem Nour: still retained in Morocco, she lets loose on her ex Vincent Miclet

Friday December 30, 2022, Ayem Nour answered questions from his subscribers in story, on Instagram. Still retained in Morocco with her son, Ayvin, the columnist for TPMP People, on C8, let loose on her ex, Vincent Miclet.

Tuesday November 15, 2022, Vincent Miclet accused his ex-companion, Ayem Nour, of having kidnapped their son, Ayvin. If the columnist has obtained custody of their son, her ex refuses to return her passport. As a result, mother and son cannot leave Morocco. Friday, December 30, 2022, it was then that she could not return home, to Cassis, that she answered questions from her subscribers. On Friday, December 30, 2022, a user asked her if she thought her son’s father was “also twisted.“In full transparency, Ayem Nour replied:”Not for a single second did I think he would be capable of such atrocities… Hurting me is one thing, but depriving our son of returning home to France. Deprive him of his school, his friends, his dog, his habits, in short, his life. I didn’t think he would be able to do this…

Moved, Ayem Nour explained in a long message: “We think we know people, but I assure you, we don’t know anyone… We don’t even know ourselves… Be careful who you offer your trust to, you might be very surprised to see what a human being is capable of out of revenge, hatred and resentment… The bitterness of failure sometimes makes you do really horrible things and the ego takes over. Unfortunately, it’s specific to humans and really, it disgusts me…“Hoping that the situation calms down, the young woman added:”I wish him to find his reason and that God calms his heart…. Our son will be better off to see parents act in good agreement. I hope God will forgive him for the wrong he is doing… Me, I’m not God… For goodness sake…

Ayem Nour: “I don’t want Ayvin to be able to feel my pain for a single second”

Asked about her morale, the columnist of TPMP People, on C8, confided: “I try to stay positive despite this horrible and unfair situation, because it seems to me that this is the best attitude to adopt in the face of the trials of life… Moreover, our children are sponges and I do not wish that Ayvin could feel for a single second my pain, my sadness and my dismay. So I try every day to smile, to live, to fight for him, but also for myself. Because how can we give the best of ourselves to others if we are going badly…“As she lives through difficult days, Ayem Nour added:”Not only do I keep hope, but moreover, I am certain that there will be a way out of this nightmare.

Source- https://www.closermag.fr/people/ayem-nour-toujours-retenue-au-maroc-elle-se-lache-sur-son-ex-vincent-miclet-1679721