Babasónicos are assumed as “illogical” and reject the formulas of their “success”

“Illógicos” is how Mariano Roger describes Babasónicos, a group of which he is a part and with which, together with his other colleagues, he has tirelessly sought do not repeat the formulas of your success, Well, he assures in an interview with Efe: “we are a band that is not comfortable playing their classics”.

“More than subversive, we are more illogical (…) we are seekers and the seekers challenge themselves to do new things. It is getting more and more difficult, this is our 13th album, we have been making albums for many years and it is very difficult not to travel the same path,” says Roger this Tuesday during his visit to Mexico.

Accustomed to making records in periods of three to four months, the pandemic led them to make “Trinchera”, an unhurried album that took them a year and a half to make and that keeps the details in each sound that makes it up.

“(Time) made us able to be more attentive to the details, sometimes it’s good and sometimes not so much, but in this case it helped us to take detailed care of the little things on the album and allowed us to choose the best ones and the songs most representative of the album of 11 songs”, mentions Mariano.

The themes that were left out of this curated selection will probably be revealed the rest of the year, since it considers almost impossible that they can return to the studio to make more music due to the time it will take for them to promote the album and the performances that await them.


Formulated in two extremes, one that is heard in the song “La vez de la noche”, with a reflective tone, and another that is presented in “Bye bye”, with more danceable moods, “Trench” shows more unified sounds unlike the musical diversity of past works.

“It has a more even register in terms of sounds, it is perhaps not as eclectic as our previous albums that ranged from more techno themes to rockers and then softer. We sought the effect that it had a common thread in terms of audio”, assures Mariano.

In its desire not to repeat itself, Babasónicos has opted for explore the new instruments that arise in a computerized way making a balance between “the human pulse”, with the “electronic pulse”, but always attentive to psychedelia and the reactions that music can have in those who listen to it.

“We try to integrate these two worlds, perhaps there is a more techno and electronic pulse (in music), but above that pulse there is a more human one, a plucked bass, a played guitar, a natural or treated voice, we try to amalgamate those two things,” says Roger.

Having focused on this musical technology has also made the band also made up of Adrián Dárgelos, Diego Rodríguez, Diego Tuñón and Diego Castellano, make it more difficult for you to pick up your hits live.

“It costs us more work at this time to play the music we did ten years ago, we were a more organic band with more human-cut music and I don’t rule out that in the future we can play it again, but now we enjoy this”, analyzes the guitarist .


The group formed in 1991 has been characterized by its subversive nature, its social themes and criticism of the capitalist world in his music.

On this album, those themes somehow continue to haunt his lyrics and respond to the present and the complexity of the times in which the album was made, such as the pandemic, the war, which are impossible to ignore.

“Perhaps in softer and milder times one can talk about more superficial things, but it seems to me that the album has a quite strong load on the relationships between humans and certain paradoxes of the time that we all have to live,” he mentions.

Finally, Mariano assures that he feels back to normal after the years of the pandemic and comments that if they continue to play live it is because his creativity to make music still exists.

“We are a band that needs to play new songs and that she’s not comfortable playing her classics, that keeps us alive, if we were a band that didn’t release new material and was playing songs that are 15 or 20 years old, I don’t think we’d want to go out and play,” he says.