Babasónicos is reborn to celebrate 30 years of career – El Sol de México

The Argentine group Babasónicos took advantage of the pandemic to explore its creative limits and make new music. But something was missing, they had that “little engine that makes us go out and play” lit up inside them, and that is how they decided to embark on a tour of Latin America, which gave them a second wind.

“We feel reborn, although with a few more years ahead of us, but with great desire,” shared Diego Castellano, the group’s drummer in an interview with El Sol de México, on the occasion of his upcoming concerts in the country.

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Despite having more than 30 years of career, during which they have released more than ten albums, returning to give concerts after almost two years of confinement, made them remember the first presentations they had, during their beginnings in 1992 .

“In the first show we felt a bit of anxiety, due to the challenge of arriving and going on stage to propose your art. We all hope that there is a bit of magic, there is an energy that persists, a certain uncertainty or adrenaline that moves us, it feels a bit terrifying, but a lot of satisfaction, “she said.

The musician confessed that at that time they did not imagine that so many years later they would continue to be in force in the music scene, although they wanted to grow their project, they did not envision the great response from the fans.

It was precisely those pleasant surprises that life gave them, which taught them not to focus too much on future goals, but to focus more on giving their best so that the results would come by themselves.

“If I’ve learned anything, it’s not to have expectations, I just let things happen, that’s a bit of the work we do with our art. Try to do it without worrying too much about what will happen, so that the result surprises us”, he said.


When asked how this vision influences what they expect in the future, he acknowledged being aware that every project must end one day, so his greatest wish is to leave his fans with pieces worth remembering.

“The universe of music is infinite, but we are finite. Our quest is to come up with a kind of expression of art, and if we are lucky enough that it can be released to the audience, we are satisfied. To achieve this we have to continue along the same path, in a more accurate way”.


At the end of this month they plan to release a new album, which was made during confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this regard, Diego pointed out that the songs “reflect a certain confinement, they have a totally open and expansive style, where there are many universes that coexist.”

“We went through several stages, each one left a contribution to the work, and it took us a while to reach a synthesis because at one point we were in a situation where anything goes, we had to say well, we took this course and took it to the extreme” .

The most recent single from this material is titled bye byewhose lyrics and video address the way in which pleasure can quickly become an environment of perdition, leaving the being at the mercy of the superficial.

“The theme reflects a bit of that, the dark part of our humanity. At one point you hear a beautiful noise that is the cork coming out of a champagne, but when the sun rises the smell of the fermented cork remains, ”she commented.

Previously they had presented the theme The left of the night, as a preview of their new album.

The Babasónicos presentations in Mexico will take place in May, on the 4th and 5th in Guadalajara and Monterrey; 7 and 8 in Ciudad Juárez and Aguascalientes; on the 12th in the CDMX National Auditorium; on the 13th and 14th in Toluca and Tuxtla; and 19 and 21 in León and Orizaba.