Bachelor in the emotional trap: “Have a nice ride!”

Bachelor in the emotional trap
“Have a nice ride!”

By Kai Butterweck

In Mexico, the final is just around the corner. Before that happens, Dominik hands out three more Dreamdate tickets. Afterwards, the bachelor faces the most difficult decision of the season to date. Which lady does he send home just before the last rose?

Anna, Nele, Jana-Maria … Anna, Nele, Jana-Maria … Anna, Nele, Jana-Maria … The bachelor no longer knows where the front and back are: “I have developed my own bond with every woman, the many Feelings scare me,” Dominik shivers. In order to get the completely out of control emotions under control, the bachelor invites you to a short ride followed by a tequila picnic. “Have a nice ride!” calls the Lord of the Roses into the Mexican distance. However, the hoped-for relaxation does not materialize.

Perhaps the extremely hard-working Jana-Maria is a touch ahead of the competition after the tequila therapy. But under the deep blue sky and surrounded by hundreds of cacti, you are still a long way from making a preliminary decision. Nothing helps. The Dreamdates must create clarity. Nele, Jana-Maria and Anna can enjoy pure togetherness for one day and one whole night. The program differs only slightly.

“A gentleman enjoys and is silent”

Despite the kiss, Nele has to pack her bags before the final.

(Photo: RTL)

You can choose between a hot-air balloon, a helicopter or a small-engine propeller plane to get up in the air. Afterwards you devour Mexican five-star food and sip delicious sparkling wine before heading straight from the pool with a view towards the camera-free bedroom. What happens there stays under the cozy blanket: “A gentleman enjoys and is silent,” smiles the bachelor, after which he says goodbye to Anna. By the way, they changed their strategy overnight. The Hanseatic, who once seemed a bit cool and inhibited, finally allows feelings: “My facade is crumbling,” Anna grins after her “beautiful” dream date.

Even in the presence of the other ladies, the bachelor makes “big steps forward”. While Nele scores with “warm words” and a handwritten love letter, Jana-Maria touches the bachelor’s heart with obvious infatuation and a loose, fluffy attitude: “She’s like me, that somehow fits from start to finish,” enthuses Dominik.

The bachelor is overwhelmed

After many conversations, even more kisses and the realization that Mexico is also “a dream” from the air, the bachelor withdraws a penultimate time to think. Not even the excitement of Robin Hood’s Flitzbogen can keep up with that in the Rosenquartier. Completely overwhelmed, the bachelor avoids every look from the hopeful and anxious ladies. Only two roses left in the vase, but three ladies to choose from. The bachelor is desperate: “Heart, head, stomach, everything is pointing in a different direction,” Dominik stutters.

A blink of an eye later, Anna is the first finalist: “I missed you,” breathes the visibly relieved candidate into her dream man’s ears. Now only Nele and Jana-Maria are worried about entering the final. “I can’t do that, oh shit!” The bachelor stammers before raising his head and taking the final love plant in his hand. Silence. Then the time has come. “The last rose goes to… Jana-Maria”.

Nele has to go home

As expected, the Marbella entrepreneur is overjoyed. Nele, on the other hand, is “shocked”, but quickly recovers: “I don’t want to force anyone to be happy,” says the tall blonde. For the bachelor it is now about the sausage. In the upcoming final he has to choose between two completely different women. Anna or Jana Maria? Which lady conquers the heart of the bachelor? By the time next week we’ll all be smarter.

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