Bachelorette shows up without a wig: Sharon Battiste is bald

Sharon Battiste is the Bachelorette 2022. She was asked by the production before, but the 30-year-old refused at the time. In the first episode of the RTL show, Sharon now explains the real reason: “It wasn’t the right time, I had to clean up a bit because I had gotten involved with someone …”

Sharon Battiste: Toxic relationship with ex-boyfriend

She knew that “it would break me” but the shame was too great. She couldn’t end the toxic relationship with her ex-boyfriend that easily. “I was trapped,” she admits. With tears, she says: “I looked like shit, lost weight, lost a lot of hair, I should have spoken earlier.”

Circular hair loss: Bachelorette Sharon talks about her suffering

The hair loss was a great emotional drain on Sharon. “I suffer from circular hair loss.” A fiasco for a woman who values ​​looks and long hair. But the 30-year-old did not quarrel with her fate, but gained immense strength as a result. “A few weeks ago I had my hair shaved off. I made the decision that it’s not my hair that decides, but that I decide when it’s all over.” Today she loves playing with wigs and can constantly create new looks. Sonya Kraus, who has breast cancer, has already reported on this.

Without hair: Bachelorette Sharon Battiste shows her bald head on the show

Already in the first episode of “Bachelorette” you can see that Sharon Battiste will reveal her hairy secret in the course of the season. The trailer reveals that the 30-year-old will take off her wig and show the single men her real hair. “The bald head has given me back a strength,” she says proudly.

Sharon Battiste will be handing out the roses on RTL from June 15th.

Sharon Battiste’s “Bachelorette 2022” winner: Are they still…


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Under the Thai sun, Sharon turns 20 single candidates’ heads and causes weak knees on romantic dates. The love-hungry men could not be more different. But who really suits the attractive bachelorette? Who will win Sharon’s heart and get the last rose in the finale?

“The Bachelorette” will run on RTL from June 15 and in the RTL + media library a week in advance.

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