back to the clash between Booba and Rohff

At war for years, the two figures of French rap have decided to settle their differences during a boxing match. The opportunity to return to the stages of this long-standing clash.

Currently on a crusade against the “totally fake world” of influencers, Booba seems to have found a new opponent to face: Rohff. After a long period of calm, the two rappers, who have been provoking each other for several years, are ready to resume hostilities.

As the two artists announced in a series of tweets, their differences will be settled in the ring, during a fight scheduled for the next few months. Between clashes, fights and passages in prison, returns to the tensions between Booba and Rohff, which date back to the 2000s.

A collaboration gone wrong

It all started in 2001. With his collective, Mafia K’1 Fry, Rohff was then at the forefront of the rap scene and went on to collaborate with the big names in French rap of the time, such as Oxmo Puccino and Pit Baccardi. Booba is still quite confidential. At the time a member of the duo Lunatic, he has yet to release a solo album.

So in full preparation of his second disc, Rohff invites Booba on the track We are the street (Vintage), featuring Rim’K (member of the group 113). But when the record was released in September 2001, there was no trace of this collaboration.

If the reasons for this omission remain unclear to this day, Rohff will explain later that there would have been disagreements between the respective record companies of the two artists. This discord affects the relationship between Rohff and Booba who will not stop thereafter to send pikes and to confront each other verbally.

First clash by pieces interposed

It was in August 2012 that the tensions evolved to the next level. Guest of the show Planet Rap on Skyrock, Rohff decides to relaunch the clash. In freestyle, he raps: “I’m not Booba’s other zoulette.” Words that obviously do not leave the main interested party indifferent.

If at first, the rapper from Hauts-de-Seine does not respond to his rival, he publishes, a few days later, the single Wesh Morray in which for nearly 4 minutes 30, he criticizes his competitor, without ever naming him and has fun comparing him to Willy Denzey, Laurent Voulzy or even K.Maro.

“Exterminator, I say your swag is shit. Am I right? Am I wrong? My gun will give the verdict. Do ‘Planet Rap’, suck, do what you want. Kopp Di Caprio, Titanic I ‘ll sink you all”, Booba raps in Wesh Morraywhere he makes particular reference to Rohff’s time at Skyrock.

Rohff, who feels targeted by the piece, replies by parodying it. He then published in September 2012, Wesh Zoulette, a title where, for the first time, he openly targets Booba. He accuses him in particular of having succeeded in filling his concerts only thanks to the invitations he gives, or of lying about his difficult childhood.

“Neither-rebeu nor negro, the biggest mytho of the time. I took over your sound, I customized it. Since you open your buttocks, who isn’t tempted to sodomize you? In all this Rap Game only Élie (Élie Yaffa, real name of Booba) must feel targeted”, raps Rohff in his title.

While the controversy is in full swing, a former boxer offers Booba and Rohff to settle their accounts via a fight, which Rohff will refuse, even if his relatives will affirm later that the rapper would have tried, without success, to come to blows with Booba in a nightclub on the evening of his birthday.

Brawl in an Unküt shop

Attacked on Instagram by Booba, Rohff, then on tour for his album GDPR, takes advantage of his concert at the Zénith de Paris, on April 11, 2013, to put the cover back on. On stage, he performs the famous Wesh Zoulette, accompanied by a huge photomontage of Booba with a wig, projected on the screens of the room. In the process, he broadcasts on his Facebook account, a parody of a Booba clip, released in the evening.

These attacks do not really amuse Booba who offers him, on April 21, to “find him in Paris”, even if in reality he lives in Miami. The same day, Rohff and four relatives show up at an Ünkut store (Booba’s brand) in the Les Halles district, and attack a young salesman, left unconscious on the ground, in critical condition, under the watchful eye of video surveillance cameras.

Placed in police custody after voluntarily presenting himself to the police on April 22, Rohff was finally sentenced to five years in prison on appeal before being released in 2019.

A real boxing match coming up?

Since then, tensions between Booba and Rohff seemed to have eased, but the two figures of French rap have reignited the flame of their old rivalry this month on Twitter. The interpreter of Boulbi indeed poked fun at Rohff’s new single, lifestyle.

The latter obviously did not fail to react, by sharing a video of Booba, visibly out of breath, in the middle of a boxing session. The opportunity for his rival to put back on the carpet the idea of ​​a fight between them, not unlike the controversy of the Octagon with Kaaris.

“You know very well that I accept the fight, it was I who proposed it. […] I prefer Thai boxing. Now, if you’re afraid of Thai boxing, we do it in English, I’ll pay you too. […] We will find a third party, and it is he who will propose a fight”, indicated Booba in a video posted on Twitter.

If Rohff initially refused to come to blows with his opponent, he later made it known in a series of tweets that he preferred English boxing and even took the opportunity to specify the date on which it would take place. this fight.

“The fight will take place after your Stade de France and my tour like that, great preparation and we give our supporters a fight history!” he tweeted.

And Booba concludes: “I accept in English, there is no problem. Yes after my homeless and your canceled tour. Good training!!”