Back to work serene for Claude Legault: “I’m just happy to work again”

It is with a big smile and his proverbial generosity that Claude Legault chained the interviews to the press meeting marking the launch of the dramatic comedy About Anthony, Wednesday. The actor lends his features to Marc Fenouillard (inspired by the producer owner of ComediHa!, Sylvain Parent-Bédard), a father of two boys, one of whom has multiple disabilities. Read our full review of the work here, now available on Club illico.

Appearing in great shape, Claude Legault lives, to all appearances, a serene return to work after having granted himself a long break in 2021, due to burnout. This episode forced him to drop out of the series Cerebrum and his character of the psychiatrist Henri Lacombebut the artist began a gradual resumption of his activities last summer, with the filming ofAbout Anthony (he was talking about here). We also saw it to Upside-down world last weekwhere he spoke with great candor about the panic and anxiety attacks that beset him during this dark time.

It went to really not fun areas. I have suffered a lot in the past two years. personal suffering “, he portrayed to host Stéphan Bureau, implying that at the height of the crisis, he was struggling to simply dress and eat.

At the moment, Claude Legault says he is studying other interesting, stress-free projects, and he is hoping for a second season ofAbout Anthony, which is already in development, confirms Club illico. However, he believes that it is still too early to take stock of his year away from the spotlight and his return to the public light.

I think, in two years, we could talk about it “, he reflected aloud, in an interview with ” In two years, I will have more hindsight. Here, I don’t have one. So far, I feel really, really good. But I haven’t managed to analyze it yet. I’m just happy to rework, and rework on projects that are enjoyable. »

I’m really lucky in life, I’m privileged. I worked to earn my place, but I feel privileged to do this. Currently, the projects are coming, I study things to know where I will go. I feel like working on business that I haven’t done yet, with directors I haven’t worked with yet, with young people from the new guard. As many actors and actresses as directors. They have their gang, but they’re always going to need 50s and 60s! So I’m confident. »

There are a lot of female directors now; that is cool! I didn’t have the chance to shoot with many female directors added the man to his list of career fantasies.

Claude Legault will cross the milestone of sixty on May 26. ” I’ll cross the big 6! “, he launched with aplomb. When we know that the changes of tens are sometimes generators of questioning, does he attribute his torments of the last few months to a possible crisis of the sixties?

I don’t really believe in crises. I think you can have seizures at 32, at 46… I don’t believe in that. I don’t believe in time. Hours and years are calculated, but time turns, and there are peoples who do not even calculate age; we don’t know how old they are, they don’t know themselves (laughs). We are as old as our arteries! But, in our western age, I am 59 years old, almost 60. »

Despite what happened to him, Claude Legault does not intend to become a spokesperson for an anxiety disorder awareness organization. But he does not don’t be shy to talk about it “, he hammers.

I’m no more ashamed of that than of breaking my leg. If you only knew how many there are! If we took everyone here [gens présents au visionnement de presse d’À propos d’Antoine, journalistes, membres de la production, décideurs de Québecor Contenu, etc, NDLR], and we would send them for a scan, there would be a big third of them who would not be doing very well. And another quarter that really wouldn’t go well! »

The time was “tough”. The pandemic has been really “tough”. We are in a polarized, violent era. And there is no sun, c*sse, of that time…! “, concluded the actor, frank and authentic as we have always known.

Among other chosen engagements, Claude Legault recently made a remarkable appearance at the Bye Bye 2022, which he commented here.