Bad Bunny and his girlfriend Gabriela would still be together: she sang in concert

Not long ago, Bad Bunny made a comment that left many of his followers wondering about his love situation, because while for a long time we all thought that he and Gabriela were a couple because they attended everything together, they were seen in a romantic way and, In fact, he let us see how she became a fundamental part of his life, during a live on Instagram, Bad Bunny left everyone surprised by the words he used to refer to her.

“Gabriela and I are such close friends, we are best friends, we are besties. Nobody knows, they just say Gabriela is your girlfriend, Gabriela is your wife, Gabriela is your mai. Nobody knows what Gabriela is, right now, Gabriela and I are best friends… If she has a boyfriend tomorrow, she can have him because we are best friends. Like me, if I have a new one, I can have it ”, the Puerto Rican commented, confusing his followers on the internet.

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Find out about the news in this video:

Since then it seems that he had made his open relationship with her very clear, however, shortly after in the middle of his concerts he was seen kissing one of his dancers, where he sparked a new controversy in which on social networks they claimed that with that scene had been declared homosexual or bisexual, according to some Internet users.

However, after a few weeks, the businesswoman, who apparently is still very close to the bad rabbit, so much so that many continue to call her his girlfriend, was present at the musician’s farewell concert in Mexico, while the song from ‘ El Apagón’, which talks about Puerto Rico and where Gabriela’s voice sounded in some fragments in an original way, but she had never appeared on stage until then.

That closing of his tour was in style, because in the Mexican country, he was surrounded by great friends such as Sech, Li Saumet, JhayCo and Raquel Berrios.

Of course, the young woman’s participation left everyone present speechless, who sang that song with a wounded cry, reviving again the rumors that their romance was still more current than ever. Quickly, the reaction of both the attendees and the Internet users who saw some videos uploaded on social networks did not wait, because for many it was really important to see the young businesswoman supporting Bad Bunny on that last day.

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“The first lady arrived”, “I feel like she is closing her eyes so as not to get more nervous”, “He took her to the first concert of the tour and to the last one”, “The one that had to arrive” arrived, “I thought they had broken up, I returned my soul to my body ”, are some of the messages that are read in the publications and, in fact, regarding the latter, some users responded with the topic of best friends, as Bad Bunny previously clarified.

The truth is that for now neither of them has spoken about what happened and what actually happens in their relationship as friends or boyfriends.