Bad Bunny announces that he will soon release new music

SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO.- With a short video, the Bad Bunny singer announced that he is preparing new music for his fans.

In a video in which his girlfriend appears Gabriella on the beach playing with actor Mario Casas, the interpreter of “quiet” lets see that soon new music will be released.

The girl calls her boyfriend on the phone, because the “bad rabbit” is listening to his music and his girlfriend tells him that she misses him and he replies that he will see him soon, revealing that in a few days his songs will come out.

Who wants new music?”, wrote the Puerto Rican under the short video that has already gone viral among his followers, who were happy with the new songs.

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“We need the album as quickly as possible”, “Give lay to that”, “Now, please Bad, we miss you”, “It’s already good, get something out now”, were some of the comments.

In a previous publication, the “bad rabbit” said that he knew that this new album that he is preparing will become his fans’ favorite.

New music is expected to be included as part of his tour “World’s Hottest Tour”which starts on August 5.

and on this tour Honduras is included in the listso Bad Bunny will visit Catracha lands again on November 29th.

It is worth mentioning that the pre-sale of tickets for the Bad Bunny concert They sold out in a matter of hours.