Bad Bunny can be denounced for gender violence after throwing a fan’s cell phone into the air

January 5, 2023, 11:02 AM

January 5, 2023, 11:02 AM

Bad Bunny it started 2023 as a trend, but this time it is not for nothing good; the reaction of take away and throw into the air the cell phone of a follower who was looking for a selfie with him earned general rejection and could even bring him legal problems.

After the viralization of the video that shows the attitude of the musician and the shock of the young woman who was left without a phone, the Dominican lawyer Félix Portes, a specialist in criminal law, spoke with the Telemundo Internacional channel about the legal actions that could be taken against Bad Bunny.

The event occurred at the Marina restaurant in Casa de Campo, in Dominican Republic, so from there the accusations should be presented.

The lawyer indicated that the process against the Puerto Rican singer can have two aspects. “The first is civil and the other is criminal. In civil matters, it is obviously that each person who causes damage has the obligation to repair it, that is, If her cell phone was destroyed, he necessarily has to replace that cell phone,” he pointed.

In criminal matters, Portes explained that it is possible to assess physical and psychological violence that the fanatic may have suffered.

“If a forensic psychologist evaluates this lady and determines that she suffered a psychological, mental violence, then, could this be framed in gender violence, So if she decides to pursue criminal action and it turns out that with the actions she was psychologically affected, he could be prosecuted with the act classified as gender violence,” the lawyer explained on the TV program La Mesa Caliente.

When asked about the defense of Bad Bunny, who indicated on the networks that he considers a disrespect That they put a cell phone in his face, the professional distorted this justification, which would not save the musician.

“His right ends when her right begins, that is, a bad action cannot be justified with another. At one point it could be that he was right, but when he snatched the phone, he loses his reason. His security had to make a circle so that no fan would approach him. She wasn’t any kind of risk,” he concluded.

At the moment, the Dominican media report that the young woman involved is in the process of meeting with her lawyers, but that just looking for a public apology.

The portal specialized in Indie music 505 warned that Bad Bunny’s songs have had a drop in the number of plays on Spotify since the incident was reported.

According to Indie 505, topics like Tití asked me, I behave pretty and Ojitos lindas they dropped to over 12 spots on the playlists.