Bad Bunny “deceives” his followers with the sale of his Bugatti Chiron: This was the message that his fans found when calling | People | Entertainment

In a supposed sales announcement where a telephone number appears so that those interested in buying the vehicle they can call, bad bunny he set off the alarms and was once again the center of attention for the particular gesture towards his followers.

In this way, the Puerto Rican singer surprised everyone with the curious detail before the true intention of the action was discovered.

This was the message that Bad Bunny wrote

According to the Quien portal, his followers, upon seeing this news, realized that something called their attention, beyond the announcement itself. This said: “Bugatti Chiron 110 anniversary ready (ready) for sale for sale”, begins the message next to the photo of the vehicle and in the name of Benito A. Martínez Ocasio, the real name of Bad Bunny.

It is in my name, 0 fines, has Marbete and up-to-date maintenance. 16-cylinder engine, 4 turbines with 1,479 horsepower. Totally immaculate, it only has 486 miles and 9 hours of flight time. I give it in $3.5 OMO.

In the same ad there is an email and a telephone number so that only those interested in acquiring the luxurious vehicle can call, although it warns that it is only possible to negotiate through telephone calls.

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However, when dialing the phone number (787-417-8605), a preview of an unreleased song by Bad Bunny is heard for 45 seconds, and which will presumably be part of his next album, as reported by EFE.

His most faithful followers in the social media confirmed this, saying that it is a move to build anticipation for the release of the new theme.

It is not the first time that Benito has done this, since, in the Latin Grammy 2020, and in December 2021 in the Museum “P FKN R”, in San Juan, Puerto Ricoshowed the Bugatti, in addition to exhibiting his music awards and the costumes he usually wears in videos and concerts.

This was the way he chose to promote his new music, one of the most listened to by its millions of fans around the world. (AND)

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