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the fame of bad bunny transcends borders, Languages and genres, to the point that today the Puerto Rican, who began with the musical genre of trap, fills stadiums worldwide with his tours.

And once again he assures his merit, since last week he came to position himself in second place on the “Pollstar” list, where they ranked the 20 most successful tours of today, according to the Los Angeles Times web portal.

Bad Bunny and “The Last Tour of the World”

“El Último Tour del Mundo” is the penultimate studio album released by the Puerto Rican singer, which premiered in 2020 and with which he began his most recent tour of concerts“Bad Bunny: World’s Hottest Tour”, in February of this year.

Why is “The Last Tour of the World” one of the best albums of urban music?

With this tour, the interpreter of “Dakiti” came to visit cities like Miami, Boston, Atlanta, Denver and many more, as well as has projections to continue it for Latin America.

This is what Bad Bunny earns per concert

According to the Vive USA web portal, Bad Bunny’s earnings amount to 3 million dollars for each city he visits during his concert tour.

This data placed it in the second position of the list of “pollstar”, only below the alternative pop rock band “Coldplay”, whose earnings on his tours this year are an average of 4 million dollars per city. In addition, it is estimated that in these months he sold 71.1 million dollars in tickets alone.

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Bad Bunny continues to break records

Currently, Bad Bunny has just released his most recent studio album, which would be the fourth in his career, entitled “Un Verano Sin Ti”.

According to CNN Español, in this new work the Puerto Rican included genres such as merengue and electro-pop, in addition to his classic trap and rap rhythms.

The premiere of the album was held on May 6, and just days later, Bad Bunny’s album broke the record as “the most listened to on Spotify in 2022”, assuring the artist again as one of the best in the world. (AND)

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