Bad Bunny, Luisa Fernanda W and more celebrities who are fans of ‘Rebelde’

With the announcement of a possible tour or reunion of the former RBD, Maite Perroni, Anahí, Dulce María, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez; Millions of followers around the world showed their emotion with the hope of being able to see again, very soon, the group that has not been on stage together for thirteen years, in 2009.

The 29-year-old content creator showed how good a fan she is of the group and as soon as the reactivation of the group’s official account was known, she assured that it would be one of the first fans to sing out loud and live the songs of the Mexicans, in case they came to Colombia in concert.

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Juliette Pardau, remembered for her leading role in ‘Pa’ quererte’, republished on her social networks the official video with which the band and its five members announced their return in January 2023. With that, the 36-year-old Venezuelan actress declared herself a fan of the singers.

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Bad Bunny, Karol G and more celebrities who grew up with ‘Rebelde’

In July of this year, long before the band’s reunion was known, the Puerto Rican reggaeton singer Bad Bunny published a video singing a fragment of one of the most famous songs of Rebelde, Sálvame interpreted by the Mexican Anahí, who embodied the character of Mía Colucci in the novel.

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The Colombian Karol G achieved, in June of this year, what many other Hispanic singers had dreamed of, Anahí accepted for the first time an invitation to return to the stage and sing one of his most famous songs of that time: the same one that Bad Bunny sang at the time.