Bad Bunny sang on the birthday of his supposed girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, who threw a huge party with a private invitation | People | Entertainment

The theme was futuristic and his main guest was nothing more than his linked partner, Bad Bunny. Gabriela Berlingeri It is related to the artist of the moment, since the beginning of the pandemic, when he uploaded photos with her in quarantine and even published behind-the-scenes videos of his popular song I perreo alone giving the Puerto Rican a kiss, which made the internet explode with jealousy.

Two and a half years later, the artist’s followers are unsure if the relationship is still going strong or not. Well Bad Bunny He has been photographed at parties flirting, dancing and even kissing other women. But that doesn’t seem to bother Gabriela, because despite the rumors, the pair continues to appear together at events and photos, which led to the rumor that they have an open relationship.

A few months ago, Bad Bunny He would finally tell the truth about his relationship in a video, where many fans called him sarcastic. in this he He says that he is Gabriela’s best friend and that if she wants to have a boyfriend, she can have him.

Whether from best friends or boyfriends, Bad Bunny He did not fail Gabriela and gave a concert to her and her guests during the party that took place on the night of December 29. In this show, the artist presented his latest song with Ñengo Flow, Night Cat. And she even uploaded a video of her to her Instagram stories, where the honoree comes out with some balloons and music in the background.

Among other novelties of the party, was the presentation of RKM & Ken-Y, which had attendees singing and dancing throughout the night. The theme of the party was D29for December twenty nineBerlingeri’s birthday, and also the name of his jewelry brand. (AND)