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bad bunny will be the protagonist of “The Dead”, the new movie from the Marvel superhero universe, which will be released in theaters in January 2024, Sony announced on Twitter.

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In this way, Bad Buny will be the first Latino actor to star in a Marvel action movie, since there has been a Latino Spiderman in the animated film “Spider-Man: A new universe” (“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”, 2018).

The Puerto Rican singer also made a brief appearance at Cinema Con, which is being held in Las Vegas, to announce this new adaptation of a superhero from the Marvel factory.

Juan Carlos Estrada Sánchez is The Dead Man in Marvel comics, a masked fighter whose strength lies precisely in that mask, inherited by his family for generations, the Marvel website specifies.

“Bringing ‘The Dead’ to life is just incredible,” stated the president of Sony Pictures, Sanford Panitch, at the presentation of the film, according to the specialized media Variety.

In some of the comic stories, The dead man has interacted with Spider-Man, with whom he starred in a fight in which the Latino superhero was about to unmask Spider-Man.

But then Spider-Man and El Muerto teamed up to battle El Dorado, the villain who controls Juan Carlos’s powers and is responsible for his father’s death.

Although he is the first Latino protagonist of Marvel cinema, at the moment you can see the series “Caballero luna” (“Moon Knight”), starring Guatemalan Oscar Isaac, on Disney+.

And there have been other prominent Latino performers in Marvel movies, such as Salma Hayek, who played Ajak, the first leader of the “Eternals” (2021).


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