Bad Bunny’s response to his controversial viral video

    “And start 2023 well, bastard”, he sings Bad Bunny in ‘Yonaguni’. After being crowned the most listened to artist in the world on Spotify, it was logical to think that he was expecting a very ‘top’ year. For now, she has started it surrounded a controversy that has already begun to affect the reproductions of their songs. And it is that, when an artist has an ugly gesture with one of his fans, the rest react to such an offensive.

    In case you got lost the viral video of the Puerto Rican artist, we put you in context. The reggaeton singer he was surrounded by fans and, at a certain moment, he reacts to the proximity of a girl who insists on taking a photo with him: he takes his mobile phone and throws it into the sea without hesitating for a second. Wow.

    The moment, as expected, has circulated on social networks at the speed of light (we are not even a week into 2023 and we already know that it will become part of one of the great moments of the year).

    Far from showing regret, the rapper interprets songs like ‘Títi me pregunta’ has posted a message on Twitter in response in which he defends his actions. According to her version of events, she treated the excited fan in kind, as she had pounced on him for a selfie. Considering this abrupt action disrespectful, he responded in kind.

    The reactions to the statement of the nicknamed ‘bad rabbit’ (for the translation of his stage name into Spanish) are divided between those who feel disappointed (claiming that he does not take into account the economic situation of the affected girl), comments that support his response and as, the enormous number of memes that are being generated around the controversy.

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    Despite these displays of humor, we cannot ignore the negative effect that the controversy has had on the singer-songwriter. Her songs have fallen on the Spotify charts, shaking her crown ahead of the upcoming ‘Wrapped’ in 2023. ‘Tití me pregunta’, his most current hit, has dropped to 12 points in the ‘Top 200’ in the United States, but it has not been the only one. “Me porto Bonito”, “Effecto” or “Ojos Lindos”, among others, have also been affected. Perhaps the clearest way to show the discomfort of his fans.

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