Bad news for Netflix but not necessarily for its subscribers

Netflix recently announced that it wanted to introduce advertising on its platform against a cheaper subscription. After the results of a particularly difficult first quarter, the streaming giant is indeed developing several strategies to retain its subscribers. But the reliance on advertising doesn’t seem to appeal to everyone, and more than half of Netflix subscribers want to keep their subscription ad-free.

A recent study on user impressions was carried out by OTT NPA Conseil – Harris Interactive and relayed by The French Movie. It shows that Netflix subscribers indeed prefer to take advantage of the current offer, that is to say a slightly more expensive subscription but without advertising. According to the study, 64.3% of Netflix subscribers say they want to keep their subscription ad-free and only 35.5% of users are interested in a reduced price for advertising inserts.

The introduction of advertising on Netflix should arrive “in the last three months of 2022” according to the latest announcements. If the results of this study are confirmed, will it bend Netflix?


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