Bad news for Netflix subscribers who are impatiently awaiting season 2 of the Wednesday series?

Loved by some and decried by others, the series Wednesday nonetheless remains one of the biggest hits in the history of netflix. However, several weeks after its release and its worldwide success, the series partly produced by Tim Burton has still not been officially renewed for a season 2. The reason? The recent acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM), which owns the rights to adaptations of The Addams Family, by Amazon in March 2022 for the sum of 8.5 billion dollars. Netflix could thus lose the rights to its flagship series in favor of Amazon Prime Video.

Wednesday will or will not return to Netflix?

According to the British daily The Independentthe two streaming giants would therefore be in advanced discussion for many weeks in order to find an agreement about the series carried by Jenna Ortega. An agreement which could very well be both possible and advantageous for Netflix since according to DeadlineAmazon has no intention of making all MGM content exclusive to its Prime Video service. IndieWire explains for his part that all these questions about the future of Wednesday at Netflix do not have to be because the contract signed between the brand with the red “N” and MGM dates from well before the acquisition of the latter by the company of Jeff Bezos.

For their part, the producers are far from these concerns and continue their scouting of places and sets as well as the search for new screenwriters for a future season 2 which should, no doubt, see the light of day soon.


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