bad news, this new big blow for the diva

It is obvious, Celine Dion is exhausted of mental and physical strength. And it is not this twist that will fix things!

SOS Celine Dion in distress!

If a medium had foreseen all this for Celine Dion, she would never have believed it. On stage since adolescence, she loves contact with the public. Besides, those who are lucky enough to attend one of these concerts have still not recovered of this experience. For several hours, she chained hits and choreographies. Once finished, don’t count on her not to rest on its laurels. During the night, she already thinks what she can change in the next one!

Alas, the death of her husband’s mentor shakes everything up. Feeling truly abandoned, she slowly begins to lose ground. First, her fans notice her wasp waist. Anxious to sweep away rumors of anorexia with the back of her hand, she justifies herself by evoking her passion for dance. subject to workouts and a strict dietCeline Dion has no choice but to adapt.

Except that his body ends up sending him a signal. If she continues at this rate, she will not be able to ensure. During the pandemic, evil spreads at the speed of light. So much so that today, it is clear that it is not able to fulfill its commitments. Recently, Celine Dion finally accepts breaking the silence about the symptoms. ” I sometimes have a lot of difficulty walking and I can’t always use my vocal cords to sing as I would like »

And there, it is the drop of water!

As you can contrast in the tweet above, RollingStone praises the greatest singers of the century. Without really knowing what the selection criteria are, Celine Dion fans make predictions about her number. However, the more the admirers of the first hour read the article, the more they realize that the magazine took care to zap it.

In this article, Françoise Hardy agrees to give her point of view. Appearing in 162nd place, the muse of Jacques Dutronc is rather proud. Humble by nature, she tries not to rest too much on her laurels. Like Celine Dion, the disease does not spare her. After almost fifty sessions of radiotherapy, she can no longer swallow and therefore express herself properly. A handful of journalists handpicked have the right to exchange with her by e-mail. In this context, complicated not to worry about the singer!

So, we will have understood it without being drawn, the fact of disappearing from the radar is not a criterion. Faced with this startling observation, we wonder what fly has stung the legendary magazine. If some Celine Dion aficionados say they are ready to boycott it, at Objekowe prefer to wait for an official reaction. Who knows, maybe do they have a good argument to provide? We promise we’ll keep you posted!