“BAILO SOLA” ​​the new pop anthem by PATY CANTÚ in which she states: “Women are not empowered, they are BORN POWERFUL”

There are songs that become a trend thanks to their great rhythm and catchy lyrics, there are others that have these characteristics and, in addition, are committed to becoming a manifesto of life, such is the case of I dance alone the new single from PATY CANTU, who defines this song as “a futuristic retro pop anthem”.

“It carries the power of women from the beginning to the end, women today know that they are not empowered, but that they are born powerful, women today know that when we unite we are much stronger. Dancing alone is synonymous with knowing that you are with yourself, it has nothing to do with loneliness, but with self-love, with what you can enjoy, literally and metaphorically. When you dance with yourself when no one sees you, it’s being free “says Patty.