Balenciaga launches model of “destroyed” shoes that cost almost $ 2 thousand

luxury fashion brand Balenciaga makes headlines again with the promotional campaign for their new shoes paris sneaker, model that simulates used and dirty tennis shoes. And it is that, with that image, a couple of them cost US$1,850.

promotional images have caused indignation on the internet by the state in which they show the shoes and the exorbitant price.

But the photos of the smashed sneakers circulating on social media don’t exactly tell the whole story. Although they have caused a great deal of controversy, the images are actually “exaggerated versions” of these sneakers.

As reported by Balenciaga, there will be an edition of 100 pairs of shoes destroyed and another normal one that is not limited. Less mangled versions are being sold on the same brand’s website for $us 495 and $us 625.

Balenciaga describes the sneaker as a “retouched classic design”finished with “distressed canvas and rough edges, giving it a pre-worn look.”

“The extremely worn pair are proof that The Paris Sneakers are shoes to wear for life”This is how Denma Gvasalia, the current creative director of Balenciaga, explained the campaign in the Instagram post he made about the launch of the brand.