Ballermann star in clinic after argument with ex

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Ballermann star in clinic after argument with ex
Mike Blümer claims that he had to apply for Hartz IV because of his ex Melanie Müller © dpa | Felix Hörhager & IMAGO / Future Image

Ballermann star Melanie Müller had a stroke – at the age of only 34. The Saxon woman was bedridden for days and released herself from a Leipzig clinic.

Update from 09/22/2022, 6 a.m.: As wants to know, the TV star had a stroke. The right side of her face was then slightly paralyzed, and since then she has had tinnitus in her right ear, says Melanie Müller in an interview with the portal.

“I didn’t make it public because I didn’t want a shit storm, because I got up again after a week and said I’m not doing a cure, I’m doing my job,” said Müller at The reason for the stroke is said to have been a dispute with her ex-husband Mike Blümer (57). While driving, she found out on the phone that Mike is said to have continued to work with her management behind her back. “I freaked out then.

After a stroke: Melanie Müller released herself from the hospital

Melanie Müller already had the stroke in mid-July during the main season at Ballermann in Mallorca. Some performances had to be cancelled. After the stroke, the Saxon released herself from the hospital. “I was only in the hospital for a day and then discharged myself. Of course that wasn’t smart, but I wouldn’t have had any peace there either, and I didn’t want to leave my children alone.”

First report from 03/22/2022: Oschatz – They were together for 14 years until their relationship finally broke up four months ago. Since then, Melanie Müller (33) and Mike Blümer (55) have been involved in a media mud battle that is now entering the next round.

Mike Blümer raises serious allegations against Melanie Müller

In an interview with RTL, Mike now tells for the first time about the difficult financial situation in which the separation from the former “Bachelor” participant brought him. Melanie and he had a joint account, so Mike. But after the relationship ended, she blocked it for him. “That means I didn’t get a single euro that we worked out together,” says the father of two.

In addition, Melanie would refuse to pay him maintenance. That’s why Mike had to apply for Hartz IV.

Mike rules out love comeback with Melanie

It seems very unlikely that the two will find each other again. Mike categorically rules out a love comeback with his ex. Too much had happened for that. “Too much pathetic, ruthless and vile,” says Mike.

Melanie herself has not yet commented on these allegations. However, with the posting of a new family picture, she caused a lot of criticism from her fans.

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