Banda La Conquista is in mourning, Miguel and Ramón, two of its members, are murdered

Sinaloa, Mexico.- Ramón Bustamante Y Miguel Ramirez they will stop putting their voice to the band’s songs The conquestboth were found murdered in a park in the neighborhood the fifthsin Mazatlan, sinaloa.

Just a day ago, Ramón shared a photo on his social networks where he poses smiling with Miguel and a third party.

The bodies of the musicians were found in a park in Mazatlán. Photo: Special.

Apparently, they were rehearsing for a gig as musical presentations are colloquially known.

The last publication in which Ramón Bustamante, 31, and Miguel Ramírez, 25, appear alive is a live broadcast of a party, where the members of the band are happy and happy, without imagining that in a matter of hours would be surprised by the tragedy.

The group fired Ramón and Miguel. Photo: Special.

Our deepest condolences to the families of our two dear colleagues Ramón Bustamante and Miguel Ramírez… they have left us a great void, rest in peace”, the band published on their social networks.

According to the Mazatlán Police, the musicians were identified by their relatives.

The bodies were found around 6:00 a.m. this Friday in a park located on the street Carmen Lagoonin the fifths.

The La Conquista band is originally from Culiacán, Sinaloa. Photo: Special.

According to the first police data, residents of the sector said they heard shots around 3:00 a.m.

At the scene, the experts located seven 9-millimeter casings.